Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness.

I have been wanting to do something with the kids for a while now. Some kind of Pay it Forward or Random Acts of Kindness activity. I'd planned on doing it on a regular weekend, or on my first summer break and we just never had the time.
I had even looked on google and pinterest for different ideas of Random Acts of Kindness with Kids. I found lots of great posts and suggestions... The ones that seemed to fit us the most were ones where the kids were doing good deeds for other kids.

Well, today was a crummy rainy day so I figured - it will get us out of the house, and we can do some good deeds in the meantime!

I ran to the store....

I figured that little containers of bubbles were perfect for kids of any age, boy or girl! I attached the little notes with ribbons and we got ourselves ready to go to the mall!

 On the way to the mall we discussed our plans, over and over... reminding the kids that we are doing it to make others happy. We discussed that having fun is not always about playing with toys or getting toys/gifts. Sometimes having fun is doing good things and making other people feel happy and smile!

We walked right in the door of the mall and Connor said he was "keeping my eyes peeled" for kids to give the gifts to. Paige was more hesitant, as is her personality, but once they had reassurance from me it was ok to approach people they seemed to feel more comfortable!

Overall, we received LOTS of smiles and thank yous. A lot of adults said to me "This is so nice" before even reading the tag on the container. Most of the kids were hesitant... I mean, really, who just gives you a present for no reason? There were some kids that very politely said "THANKS!" when they received their gift.

In fact, a few parents made their kids hunt us down to make sure they said thank you -- we would hand off the gift and walk away -- we didn't stick around for an explanation or anything. Connor and Paige were eager to find more kids -- we found kids younger than them, older than them... it didn't matter! IN fact, Connor started walking up to people, tapping them on their shoulders and saying "Excuse me... this is for you!"

More than once I could hear the adults reading the tag aloud to the kids and offer a brief explanation of what it meant to receive (and/or give) a Random Act of Kindness.

Actually, once we doubled back after our bag of gifts was empty one woman stopped the kids because she wanted to high five them!

I'd say, it was a successful activity!

In the car, I did ask the kids how they thought it went and they both said "GOOD!"
We talked about whether what we did made people feel mad, sad or happy -- and they both acknowledged it was something that made people smile and feel happy!

I'm so pleased I was able to follow through on this activity!

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Arielle Caputo said...

I Love It!! Giving without promise of reward is one of the best things we can teach our kids. There's a joy that comes when we give to others. My daughter and I do a RAK every weekend. You can watch our vidoes on my blog. BTW your kids are adorable