Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Letter to My Children. (HiJacked from my Own Blog)

I participate in a research website/message board called Crowdtap . One
 of the discussions I recently participated in asked me to write a letter to my child/ren including the following:

If you had to write a letter to your child summarizing your hopes and dreams for their future, what would you want it to say? What values or life lessons do you want to instill in them? Write a version of this letter here, address it to your child, put the date you would like your child to open it, etc. Whatever you think this letter should look like!


What a huge task to undertake. However, I immediately flashed back to a blog entry of my own. I did have to search a bit for it, and I found the entry from June 12, 2012  and used that as my main motivation for completing the question. I decided I wanted to share the letter to my children....

Dear Connor & Paige:::
Mommy wrote the "poem" below on her blog on Sunday, June 12, 2012 . I want you to know that I wrote this as I was having a hard "mom day". I know you won't understand what that means until you become parents (if you chose that path in life). But, I wrote it because I'm not a perfect mother, nor have I ever been. No one is! Just know that in my eyes no matter what you have done you are perfect to me. I love you and always will. No matter what choices you make, or which way your life takes you. No matter where you end up, no matter who you end up with... Mommy loves you and supports you.
The following is the piece from 6/12/12::
Sometimes I yell at my kids.
Sometimes I let them eat candy before dinner.
Sometimes I sit on the floor and play candy land or memory with them.
Sometimes I'm just too tired to play with my kids so I sit on the couch.
Sometimes I do special projects with my kids.
Sometimes I lose my patience with the kids.
Sometimes I want to cry because I can't believe they're getting so big.
Sometimes I smother them in hugs and kisses.
Sometimes I wish they wanted to lay in bed and snuggle their Mommy.
Sometimes I just want a few minutes alone.
Sometimes I worry that they don't know how much I love them.
Sometimes I worry that I don't teach them enough.
Sometimes I read book after book after book to and with them.
Sometimes I take them out to fun places.
Sometimes I don't want to go anywhere.
Sometimes I want to protect them from everything bad that could happen.
Sometimes I worry that I am too protective
Always I love them.

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Jenn said...

Happy to see you blogging again. Love this letter!