Sunday, February 26, 2012

When Good Vacations Go Wrong

Overall, Florida was great... at first.
We enjoyed 70-80 degree weather
We went to the beach and pool (cold water, but still lovely!)
Went to Tampa Zoo
and then... Paige got so sick we were in ER with her temp and pneumonia (see "Sunny florida" post below)...  then, after being "stuck" there a few extra days than planned (and therefore taking off unplanned time at work)  Paige & I flew home
She went to Dr. for follow up, doing ok, monitoring her- - wants her follow up next week.

Connor & Jason drove home.
they had a temporary car break down late at night in North Carolina (we are now thinking it was a bad tank of the time, stressful and scary though)
Connor went to Dr on Saturday because he had a matching cough to Paige, he has WALKING PNEUMONIA~
oh, and I went to Dr on Friday , beginning signs of bronchitis and red ears (possible start of infections!!)

HOLY MOLY. I want a vacation!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Greetings from Sunny? Florida.... (hmph)

so.. we have had a fabulous family trip... I have been coming up with all sorts of cute posts to write about our fun adventures down here!
we were supposed to head home yesterday...
and then this morning...
and we are still here...
my little Paige  was in the ER yesterday with a 104.2 temp and diagnosed with Pneumonia...
they discharged her, thankfully, but she's loaded on meds and has to do her nebulizer treatments (she is asthmatic) every 4 hours so its halted our return trip.
Since we drove down, she isn't quite ready to sit in the car ride home yet.... Jason & I are debating whats the best course of action.
Either Paige & I will fly home tomorrow to get her home quicker (avoiding the car ride) and then we can follow up with her pediatrician --- then the boys will have a road trip of their own.
OR we will all load up in the car tomorrow and hope for the best.... and take our time....
All week long i've been teasing how I wasn't returning to NY and now I feel trapped here.
WHY can't I even catch a break on vacation?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

"You Can Tell Me Anything"

Recently I've been trying to really teach my kids that "you can (and should) feel safe to tell Mommy & Daddy anything..."
I realize its a big concept, but if we start talking about it now then if (hopefully never) something ever comes up they will feel comfortable approaching us.
Anyway... I've mentioned this a few times in passing, emphasizing "you won't get in trouble for sharing something important with Mommy & Daddy...."

It usually falls upon what I observe to be deaf ears, but, eventually the message will get there.

Well, just the other night I was telling Connor "Mommy wants you to know you can tell her secrets if you are ever worried about telling me something. You can feel safe to talk to Mommy and you won't get in trouble."...
Connor blushed and said "mommy I want to tell you something"
Mommy: Ok Connor, come here, lets talk...
Connor -- he slowly walked over to me, hugged me and whispered
I looked at him, stunned for a minute... I know he was NOT calling me that... but, I guess I was surprised that was the first secret we started with.
and he said "Mommy says that word to Daddy sometimes..."

Ohhh...boy.... Good Job Mommy.
I asked for it.
I got it.
I couldn't tell him NOT to use those words, because I just TOLD him he should feel safe talking to me.
So... I said
"Yes, Connor, sometimes Mommy says bad words when she's talking to Daddy. Sometimes Mommy forgets to use nice words... But, Mommy is proud of you for sharing that with me."

And... guess my plan worked.
Sort of.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ff is for...

Ff is for...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where I Went...

Yesterday was a busy, busy day.
I didn't go to work.
I did take Connor to the pediatrician -- ear infection, again, ugh.
I did take myself to the doctor - bronchitis - ugh.
I did go to the pharmacy for our medications....
and I spent a lot of time laying in bed watching TV and reading.

However, later that night, I took a special trip. Two special trips in fact.

Paige and I boarded an airplane, to be flown by Captain Connor, and off we went to the beach.
We flew and flew on our plane (otherwise known as the staircase) until we reached "the beach".
Captain Connor handed the passengers our necessities - sunscreen and bathing suits and we went to explore our beach!
I even got to lay out on the beach (aka couch) and suntan while the kids brought me smoothies and refreshed my sunscreen so I don't burn!
Even in imaginary play, my kids are health conscious!
I was suddenly interrupted in my tanning by an announcement "Mommy! Get on the plane! Beach is finshed!"
I had to get on..or I'd be left forever.

Well, we took a very long flight... much longer than necessary in mommy's opinion! and we got to the jungle! This was a very special jungle... before we got off the plane Connor stepped out, and Ninja kicked the "bad bugs" for us and he fought off a few hippos as well.

Before Paige and I got off, Connor gave us our Bug spray (see, health conscious!) and he grabbed his map (a little square of scrap paper)... off we go!
We went to see the monkeys, and Connor checked that off his list "Monkey check"
We trekked further into the jungle, and saw the giraffes... Connor remembered giraffes are my favorite-- "mommy you like giraffes!"...
Our jungle journey continued... we saw ducks. Yes, ducks in our jungle. They were in the pond. "ducks check"
Then, Connor informed me, it was time for the jungle show!!! So,we took front row seats to watch the hippo, monkey and giraffes perform. Told ya this was a special jungle! The best part of the show was when my kids started acting out what the animals do... so they were jumping, rolling and doing whatever it is our jungle animals do. The show even had a surprise appearance by an elephant!

Our beach and jungle trips tired sick Mommy out... so I informed Captain Connor I was ready to fly back home to lay down... and before I knew it, our trip came to an end... and I was back home in my PJs.