Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Kids say the darndest things...
Hey, that's a great concept, maybe someone should come up with a book or a TV Show, nevermind.

Lately, the more my kids become chatter boxes, the more they have the chance to say some of the sweetest, silliest and just laugh enducing statements! Thought I'd share a few.


"Me love you too much Mommy"

When asked if she was Mommy's Angel, she replied "No Mommy, I'm a Princess right now"

Paige was up very late...basically giving me a run for my money at bedtime and she was quite successful. Somewhere around 9:30 or 10pm I very exasperatedly asked
 "Paige why are you still awake?"

Paige: "because my eyes are open"
Paige " do you want to see me close my eyes Mommy?"

Mommy: Yes Paige, Mommy wants you to close your eyes.

Paige closed her eyes, and quickly opened them and said: I want to keep them open.


At dinner I was trying to persuade him to taste a new food (I forget what it was, I think potatoes from a stew) that he was not willing to try....

Mommy: You might say Mmm this is so yummy if you try it
Connor: No Mommy I say its so yuck
Mommy: You will make me so happy if you just try it
Connor: It will make me so sad.

We recently signed him up for a 2-3 yr old soccer program - and he must have recalled that we told him he could play soccer when he gets bigger... After being excited hearing the news about soccer, he had left the room to get something... Upon returning he said: Mommy look at me. I'm bigger now. I play soccer!"

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