Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Doctors LOVE me.

Since getting back from Fl with 2 pneumonia'd kids....
I've since taken Paige back to the Dr with a pneumonia scare -- by "scare" i mean her coughing was starting up again, the nebulizers were going every 4 hours, nothing seemed to take the edge off  -- thankfully it wasn't pneumonia but her asthma is just continually flaring up so the doctor recommended she go see a pulmonologist... So, I got appt for her in April.

Connor continues to complain about his ears... so we "fired" his old ENT, found a new one and loved him. On TUESDAY Connor goes in for a left tube... let's hope the third times a charm because I can't take it.
In addition, I haven't really talked about it but I've been having knee problems for a few months now - and although its minor I am having surgery myself in April on my knee. Which is a big deal because I have a history of knee problems, and already have 3 knee surgeries under my belt. I'm hopeful the Dr is right and that it will be a very short in and out procedure, but there is always the chance that there is more wrong than anticipated....

Work is in its busy time of year with annual reports and IEPs
and I went back to school this semester -- only taking one class right now - but in the midst of work and home life I feel mental.

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Candice said...

Oh no, Kendra! So sorry you and the kiddos are having to go through all of that. I hope all goes well with the upcoming doctors appointments/surgeries. Sending positive thoughts yalls way!