Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where I Went...

Yesterday was a busy, busy day.
I didn't go to work.
I did take Connor to the pediatrician -- ear infection, again, ugh.
I did take myself to the doctor - bronchitis - ugh.
I did go to the pharmacy for our medications....
and I spent a lot of time laying in bed watching TV and reading.

However, later that night, I took a special trip. Two special trips in fact.

Paige and I boarded an airplane, to be flown by Captain Connor, and off we went to the beach.
We flew and flew on our plane (otherwise known as the staircase) until we reached "the beach".
Captain Connor handed the passengers our necessities - sunscreen and bathing suits and we went to explore our beach!
I even got to lay out on the beach (aka couch) and suntan while the kids brought me smoothies and refreshed my sunscreen so I don't burn!
Even in imaginary play, my kids are health conscious!
I was suddenly interrupted in my tanning by an announcement "Mommy! Get on the plane! Beach is finshed!"
I had to get on..or I'd be left forever.

Well, we took a very long flight... much longer than necessary in mommy's opinion! and we got to the jungle! This was a very special jungle... before we got off the plane Connor stepped out, and Ninja kicked the "bad bugs" for us and he fought off a few hippos as well.

Before Paige and I got off, Connor gave us our Bug spray (see, health conscious!) and he grabbed his map (a little square of scrap paper)... off we go!
We went to see the monkeys, and Connor checked that off his list "Monkey check"
We trekked further into the jungle, and saw the giraffes... Connor remembered giraffes are my favorite-- "mommy you like giraffes!"...
Our jungle journey continued... we saw ducks. Yes, ducks in our jungle. They were in the pond. "ducks check"
Then, Connor informed me, it was time for the jungle show!!! So,we took front row seats to watch the hippo, monkey and giraffes perform. Told ya this was a special jungle! The best part of the show was when my kids started acting out what the animals do... so they were jumping, rolling and doing whatever it is our jungle animals do. The show even had a surprise appearance by an elephant!

Our beach and jungle trips tired sick Mommy out... so I informed Captain Connor I was ready to fly back home to lay down... and before I knew it, our trip came to an end... and I was back home in my PJs.

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kelley-n-steve said...

that's so cute! What great imaginations :) I especially enjoyed that Connor ninja kicked the bad bugs haha.