Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miss Independent. Miss Bossypants. Miss Paige.

Paige is independent.
Way too independent for a 2 year old if you ask me.
At least, way too independent for my 2 year old.

I know, I know, its a positive thing she wants to do things by herself, try to learn new skills yadda yadda yadda ... but, I thought I had a little time left to baby her.

Putting PJs on? "NO Mommy, I do it myself!"
So... I let her pull her pants up, and try to get her PJ shirt on... her arm got a little twisted as she tried to put the shirt on, so I helped her out a little by untangling the sleeve... well, she got mad. And said "NO MOMMY I DO IT MYSELF!" and pulled her arm back out of her PJs, as if it would erase the fact that I helped her...and redid it herself.

On selecting a drink: (note the reason for my alleged milk cruelty is because Paige often substitutes milk for food because she drinks way too much milk daily, so I am trying to cut down on her milk intake)
M: "Paige would you like some juice or water"
P: "Milk"
M: "No Paige, you already had a big cup of milk earlier, you can have some juice or water"
P: "I want milk"
M: "No milk. Juice or water"
P: "Milk'
M: "Paige, NO MILK. Juice or water"
P: "I want milk"
M: "Juice or water"
P: "Milk"
M: "Ok Paige, does that mean you don't want a drink"
P: "I want juice"

And, finally, on her name....
 the other day she was telling me what to do  making her needs known I said "Boy Paige, you're bossy!" to which she replied... "Me not bossy, me Paige!"

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