Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embracing Your Age.

I recently turned another year older.
It sort of hurt.I mean, I didn't wake up and feel any stabbing pains or anything, but it sort of hurt to get another year older.
However - what choice to I have? Not much.
I will embrace it.
I am 31. I am 31. I am 31.I am 31I am 31.. Im 31.I am 31.I am 31. I am 31.I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31. I am 31.I am 31.

hmm.... yeah not sure if that really made me feel better or not.
Oh well, i will try again next year.   :0)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not Very Wordy Wednesday - webcam silliness

 **Ok, I have to mention why Connor's face looks so swollen is because of the killer mosquitoes running rampant around our area -- his face continued to swell up all day and ended up getting some major doses of Benadryl to help.

We're Mad.

We're Happy!


So sad.



We weren't ready. lol

I wasn't ready for it.

All day on 9-11 I debated whether or not I should write an "I Remember" post. I've done one in the few years past of being a blogger, but, I just wasn't sure if I should this year.

Later on that day - I had the kids in the car on the way home from my mothers house, and Connor was looking out the windows and we were talking about the trees, the train tracks, big trucks, a cemetery -- basically, every thing we drove by, we discussed.

Then, a conversation I wasn't quite ready for, or prepared for came up for so many reasons.

Connor: What's that Mommy?
Me: A Cemetery
Connor: What's that Mommy?
Me: A cemetery Connor.
Connor: What's cemetery?
Me: ::loooongg sigh:: Well, Connor, do you remember when we went with Daddy to go visit Poppy? We went, and saw a stone with his name on it, and we talked to him but didn't see him? Well, that's a cemetery.
Connor: We visit Poppy. Daddy sad at Poppy. Poppy come back?

(**Connor was not even a year old when his Poppy aka great grandpa passed away but Poppy was the man who raised Jason - so its his "dad".... and on Fathers Day we went with some flowers and Connor
wanted to go up with Jason -- so he remembers Daddy was sad because of Poppy...)
Me: No Connor, Poppy can't come back. He's up in Heaven.
Connor: Poppy up in Heaven. Daddy still sad.
Me: Yes, Connor. Daddy is still sad. That's why we go to the cemetery so we can have a place to visit the people in Heaven. But, don't worry, Heaven is a nice place so Poppy is happy there.
Connor: Heaven happy. Daddy sad for Poppy. Buy Daddy a new Poppy?

and that's about where I got choked up because I realized how much he wanted his Daddy to be happy....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello! I'm a Mom.

Obviously I'm a Mom. I've been a Mom since 2008...::gasp:: when Connor was born almost 3 years ago!

However, sometimes there are little things I say and/or do that strike a "holy moly I'm a Mom" chord in me...

When I call the kids daycare/preschool I say "Hi this is Kendra... Connor/Paige's MOM...."
for some reason, that always leaves me with a weird OMG I'm  A MOM feeling.

I suppose its because I introduce myself as a mother. Its my "title" rather than the act of being a mother.
Whatever it is...the best part of it all is that I can proudly say I'm a mother of these two::