Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You hear that?

Me neither.
It's because no one is home! NO ONE except me!
I am relieved only because its been a less than stellar break from work. Don't get me wrong, there have been happy, silly and loveable moments intertwined, but overall I haven't had a moment alone, or without stress.

This is week #2 - and so far my break has looked like this::

Week 1:
Monday - Connor had his surgery
Tuesday- Home with Connor and Paige, tending to under the weather Connor
Wednesday - Home with kids again, tending to under the weather Connor
Thursday - Paige went off to school, Connor stayed home because he appeared to have "regressed" in the healing process.
Friday - Paige back to school, home with Connor again because he was looking miserable and ill.
Friday night - Trip to ER with Connor for non-surgery related issues (major constipation) and didn't return home until past midnight.
Saturday - trip to pediatrician to follow up ER visit. And run last minute errands before Hurricane Irene sweeps in.
Sunday - Hurricane Irene left her mark... her water all over. That was quite stressful on top of taking care of Connor's issues.
Monday - Operation:: Clean up basement! (both kids went to school), Jason went to work much later so we could begin the cleanup
Tuesday - cleaning up the house, home with both kids, Jason off to work....

that leads me to right now.
this moment...
Jason was going to wash the car, do a few simple tasks and he took both kids.
I have a quiet moment.

Irene. 2.

Just some more views of our lady Irene.

Monday, August 29, 2011


She came, She saw, She CONQURED.
Thankfully my house didn't lose power.
Thankfully none of my family was injured.
We did have flooding throughout our basement and threw out tons of stuff.
Thankfully it was only things. Some more sentimental than others, but,it was still "just stuff".

My sister's basement is a water tank. Water filled to the top step.
Thankfully it was just things that were ruined.

My road was closed until today because of major flooding.
Peoples cars and homes were ruined around here.
A local waterfront restaurant was totally destroyed.
Lots of people lost items, belongings and will need to put a lot of money and work into fixing what was destroyed.
Thankfully it was "just stuff".

The bottom of my road.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flash Back Friday! -- "MY GIRLS"

My bloggy friend over at and Potato Makes Three! did a Flash Back Friday post of a silly (older) picture she stumbled upon... so, I told her I was copying her idea and here goes some of my flash back photos!

These are a few of "my girls"  and our wild times and how I miss them so!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Connor's surgery.

Today Connor had surgery - he had his right ear tube replaced and his adenoids removed.
Overall, he did well and the surgery went great! He did have a tough time with the anesthesia - the recovery from it took a toll on him... but, he's a trooper...

We had just arrived, and were waiting to be taken upstairs to Same Day Surgery.
 After we got upstairs into a Same Day surgery room Connor became more resistant to the doctors and nurses -- he didn't want them to take his temperature, his pulse and he CERTAINLY didn't want to change into that hospital gown... what a fight he put up. We finally decided to let him stay in his regular clothes until a little while after he was given the Versed.
He became much more compliant and goofy after the medication.

He was "Dr. Connor"

Photo with Dr. Mommy
 After surgery, he had a terrible time waking up from the anesthesia... he was screaming, crying, trying to pull out his IV -- it was tough... and I was trying to calm him down to avoid hurting his throat any further... he only wanted Grammy... no one else. Especially not Mommy, afterall, I was the one who made him come to the hospital.
Grammy comforting him in the recovery room.

Back up in the same day surgery room -- fast asleep on Grammy again.

Out Cold.

Finally ready to go... he wasn't feeling great but he was determined to leave.

Overall, he really is doing great. He took a few more good naps, drank a lot of juice, had ice pops and sherbet - and has even tried some noodles because he was So hungry!

And, hey! Paige has totally benefited from her brothers surgery because she gets ice pops and sherbet at dinner time too!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big News -- I'm an AUNT!

Last Sunday (August 14) my niece Avery Grace was born (2.2 lbs) and my nephew Ethan Michael (2.1 lbs) were born at 27 w 5 days!

They are doing strong and healthy in the NICU - and my sister is doing well too...
She had a rough road - she'd been in the hosptial for one month prior to their birth and had some ups and downs thinking they were coming a few times before they did arrive! The doctors kept them growing strong and healthy for an extra 3 weeks (she was admitted at 24 wks)...

I'm so excited they're here and I can't wait to watch them grow!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My baby girl is 21 months old!!

Miss Paige, aka Sassy pants, aka my Diva aka my princess aka the little peanut turned 21 months old today! I can not believe she is almost 2 years old.

Paige's vocabulary and language skills have definitely bloomed! She will talk talk talk your ear off... and she is most likely telling you "No" or bossing you around. Just today, I asked her to clean up her doll house before playing with a new toy - she looked at the toys then at me and said "Mommy do it"...

Paige is getting good at jumping off the ground! She also has "twinkle toes" and will sometimes run on her little tippy toes like a ballerina.

Don't let her dainty, jewelry wearing princess self fool you -- she can be tough! Her and "Nah-nar" (Connor) are the best of friends and will monkey around all the time. They rough house and play tea parties!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

Connor has reached a new stage of toys.
He LOVES these two little rubbery toys.
One is a little green dinosaur, appropriately named "Dino"
and the other, a blue lizard, named, you got it, "Lizard"

These two toys are just cheap little prizes that come from Chuck E Cheese (Dino) and a family fun park (lizard). However ... its been WEEKS of these toys... obsessing over them.
He needs to have them at all times... in fact... when he goes to sleep clutching them in his little hands... he often loses them in the blankets and he has actually woken me up in the middle of the night to help find them! Its worse than a pacifier!

The status of these little toys often goes from "Found" to "Missing" and sometimes "Missing for a few days so I think I will cry and have a nervous breakdown while Mommy frantically rips the house apart looking for one" and of course, they're always found in the EASIEST spots...
you know - the shoe mat among our shoes, next to the toilet, in the bag he was using to help grandma pick vegetables...

Oh boy... these two toys will be the death of me. I think I may  need to call Chuck E Cheese and have some stockpiled.

In case you were wondering. -- current status --

Lizard : was lost between 1pm and 4pm until Grandma and Great Grandma tore the houses apart to find them in the bag of fresh picked garden veggies.... NOW FOUND.

Dino :  was lost since Monday until we were frantically looking for him because lizard was lost and nearing an emotional breakdown Connor found him hidden in the "trunk" of his ride on toy.... NOW FOUND. 

for now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - (Video Edition)

**sorry for the blurry recording, it was done via a recording app on my iPhone

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Trip to the Library!

After picking the kids up from daycare today, Connor went to the ENT office for an audiological exam, Paige went to Grandmas! Once we left the doctor, I was so proud of Connor for behaving so well during the exam (his last two experiences during the exam weren't stellar performances) so I thought we'd so something "just the two of us"!

I decided he was a big boy and we would go to the library for his First visit!

I tried explaining to him that a library is full of books we can read and borrow! But we have to bring them back when we're all done! He was really excited and kept chanting some combination of library and raspberry!

When we were at the door, I reminded him that the library is a quiet place...and in we went to look at books... When we got to the children's section, he stared at all the books and actually let out a whispered "Wowwww"....
I encouraged him to slowly start looking at the books, until he found something he wanted to read...
He did find the toy nook which was cleverly placed at the corner of the children's books, but, with a few short trips to the toys, we found a few books that seemed interesting... we found a cowboy one, a sheep one, a mouse one and one about a boy named Alex... (Alex is Connor's best friend's name!).

Connor said YES! to the Alex book, and YES! to the mouse book (part of the "If You Give A... series...Connor LOVES these books)... and "Stay here" to the cowboy and sheep book.
So, we did it! Had our first visit to the library, and picked out books to take home!