Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bats in the Bedroom Render Me Useless.

Last night while I was asleep Jason started yelling to wake me up, and get me out of the bedroom... freaked out because I didn't know what was happening my gut instinct was to run directly across the hall to the children's bedroom. Once I got my bearings I looked at him with a giant "WTF" kind of look - why did you wake me out of a perfectly sound sleep by screaming... why am I standing in the kids bedroom doorway, and you have now locked us out of our room??

Well... there was a bat in our bedroom. Yup, a bat. He flew right across the room while Jason was sitting up watching TV. Not quite sure how he got in here... we live in a townhouse - so there's no attic... all our windows were closed... did he get in through the air conditioner? Is that even possible? Either way -- EWWW!!!

I was so freaked out, as Jason was problem solving ways to rid our bedroom of this bat I stood hiding in my kids room. I didn't want to see it, hear it, or deal with it. I was getting the heebie jeebies just picturing that little flying thing in my bedroom... is it touching my clothes? is it on my bed? WHERE IS IT? Ew.

One of the cats was trying to go after it - so we had a cat and a bat locked in our room... the cat didnt' get him, but he did scare him enough that he was just hanging on the edge of our closet door motionless.

Jason was requesting my help. You know... we're a team! Let's go get that bat out of our room! What did I do? I said "No way that's disgusting" and I closed the door to the kids room leaving only a small crack so I could peek through.
He asked me to go downstairs and get him something to remove the bat from our home... what did I offer? 
Yup! We can clean that bat out of our house! I was just worried he was getting his nasties on my room -- you know, cooties, blood, guts, whatever... I just wanted no part of it.

Then, he said he needed me to go turn our bedroom light on (it wasn't plugged in because I unplugged it to use the fan) and he was trying to keep tabs on the bat. I did NOT want to go into our room... but, I ran in, plugged in our light took a peek at the critter, shuddered, and ran out.

Finally, I gave Jason lots of moral support, told him to be careful, and went back to my post locked up in the kids room. He used a tupperware container to capture him and just held the lid on top to keep him from flying around the house...  I heard the bat make some noises, Ew... and jason yelled "Go open the front door!!"

SO... I ran downstairs, opened the door and... hid in the downstairs bathroom until he got the bat (and the tupperware) outside of the house!!!!!

Well...the bat is gone. And I successfully proved my uselessness when it comes to critters.. we had a mouse in here a few months ago and similarly, I provided nothing but moral support and lots of "ew's".

Needless to say... as cool, calm and collected as I was (ha!) I had a hard time sleeping after that because every time Jason moved I thought the bat was back! Or when the cat climbed on the bed to lay next to me I thought it was a bat cuddling up.

Ew... I'm still skeeved. Ugh.

**Note:: No bats or tupperware containers were harmed in the events stated above...I, for one, just do not want anything bat like, or in bat contamination in my home...**

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

And They Fight...

Yes, now my kids fight.
It was inevitable.
Only a matter of time.
They're siblings.
Siblings fight.
They're both under 3!
Yes...they fight.
Connor yelled "NO PAIGE!"
She cried loudly.
He yelled "MINE PAIGE!"
She cried louder.
He walked over to her...
She pushed him away and said "NO!!!"
Then they both yelled in each others faces and cried.
That was yesterday.

This morning...
They were fighting...
over who could sit on my lap on the couch.
Paige was there first.
Connor wanted his share of Mommy.
Paige pushed him down as he tried to climb up.
He got mad and yelled "MY MOMMY!"
He climbed back up.
She tried to kick him down.
He tried to hit her and yelled "NO PAIGE MY MOMMY!!"
I intervened... and said they could both sit on my lap and
that I was both Connor and Paige's Mommy.
They got comfortable.
We were relaxed and watched Shrek.
Paige slowly reached her foot out and put it on Connor.
He got mad, and hit Paige.
I told them to stop.
He said "Mommy I don't like Paige. Put her in the garbage"

Ah... I guess sibling rivalry isn't a learned behavior but rather a human reflex.

Excuse me... I hear another fight in the works...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Job Paige!

I just wanted to boast that my little girl had a great day at daycare yesterday!!

They reported that she was in a great mood all day and didn't sit on anyones lap or get carried all day! (remember... Paige is my Velcro baby and her first days at day care were spent latched to the hip of any sucker who'd pick her up...)

This is huge progress and I'm so happy she's finally starting to adjust!

Monday, July 18, 2011


This year we had a difficult school year losing two of our students -- See Here for my reflection...

Well, working with my type of students takes a either a mushy heart or a heart of steel. I haven't yet figured out which one I need to work there -- but, this past week we have had some bad news relating to the health/well being  of two of our students...

It is so sad, these kids (hmph, I call them kids but really, they're teens and young adults) rely on us to do all we can for them, and sometimes we just can't keep them as safe and healthy as we'd like to.

It's been an emotional day hearing updates about our students ... and could possibly continue to get worse.. (although I certainly hope it only gets better).

Unfortunately... Sometimes it takes something scary in someone else's life to make you realize how grateful you should truly be.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never Catch A Break.

From What is it that I'm never catching a break?


Connor has yet another... his right ear... the one where the tube is sorta in there, but not really doing its job anymore -- Remember this post??

well he's got one there. So he was already scheduled for an ENT check up 8/23 but I called and moved it up to 7/27 because now the time has come to make a plan - round 2 of tubes?? I'm thinking we're probably headed there. Ugh.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plotting Against Me.

Allow me to paint a picture for you....

I'm out back with the kids while they play with their friends (our neighbors).
Daddy left for a Sunday night softball game, and he locked the front door (remember, I'm out back) but gave me the keys "just in case" .

45 minutes or so passes and the Mommy's say its time to clean up!

Paige decides that she needs to play with the keys NOW! And grabs them...
Connor decides he needs to go in the house NOW (instead of cleaning up) And... locks me out of the house (on purpose) by closing the sliding door and flipping the latch on it.
... Of course Paige is standing IN THE HOUSE with him holding my keys in her hand.

Mommy:: Connor, open this door now.
Connor:: devlish stare and grin
Paige:: standing next to Connor smiling at Mommy while holding keys
Mommy:: Connor, open the door now so I can get in the house
Connor:: devilish stare and grin, ignoring mommy....
Paige:: standing next to Connor smiling at Mommy while holding keys
Mommy:: *now gritting teeth and trying to sound REALLY angry...** OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!
Connor:: does nothing.
 Paige:: reaches up and unlocks the sliding door for Mommy


Things I Am Not (But My Kids Think I Am)

Things I AM NOT...But my kids think I am...

  • a personal chef
  • a human jungle gym
  • a maid
  • a tissue
  • a nurse
  • a leftover food receptacle
  • a napkin
But... I guess that's what makes me Mommy.

What else do YOUR kids think you are?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rough Morning. Sad Kids = Sad Mom

Overall...daycare day #1 went well... Paige had some emotional meltdowns throughout the day, but managed.... Connor had a tough time after I left, but was good for the duration of the day...

This morning...:::
Connor was having mini emotional meltdowns all morning at home. He said he really liked "school"  and  had a good time , but just kept breaking down so much this morning and even said "I  want to stay home" mid-cry...
...when we were trying to get dressed he laid down on his bed and cried saying "no clothes"

I told him he can't go to school naked. and he laughed.

We finally made our way downstairs... made some breakfast, looked at our lunchboxes to see what Mommy packed (he was super excited about yesterday's cheese sandwich so I thought seeing another one today would help)
.... and all the while Paige was doing GREAT!
Breakfast time! Connor wanted eggs. Didn't eat eggs. I threw out the eggs... he cried that he wanted eggs. I made new ones he said "no way" -- Paige ate pretty well today.

Then... he had to go pee pee on the potty... so we go, he went and said "Mommy...I need doctor" I asked him why... he said "Eyes hurt"

Ahh...sneaky sneaky boy - I had already told him he can't stay home because mommy has an eye doctor appointment.

As we were leaving Paige was still happy and anxious to go.
Connor was just teetering between one meltdown and the next. He started to get excited though, he had his lunchbox, his bookbag-- we were ready!

We called Daddy before we pulled out -- Daddy tried to give a positive "school" pep talk but poor Connor was choking back tears the whole time... Paige was blowing kisses saying "hi daddy"

Drop off -HORRIBLE! two screaming, inconsolable toddlers screaming and crying and clinging to their mommy. Ugh it was such an ordeal... and I barely made it to the car without crying... the staff had to basicallyrip Paige off me... Connor was corralled away to the toy table to get preoccupied... I hated it.
I feel more guilty because I'm still home... (back to work Monday) --

They appear to be happily playing in the room (I am a webcam obsessed spy-Mom)...

Reminder to myself... "It's only Day will get better"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Wowza I'm such a Mom"

I had a total Mom-piphany... Ya know, like an epiphany about being a mom....

I was making lunches for the kids 2nd day at daycare (aka "school" as we refer to it) and suddenly I realized "I am a total Mom... making cutesy sandwiches....

and filling up their cute, and character overloaded, lunchboxes with yummy treats to fill their bellies...

And... I enjoyed every second of it.
However, I'm sure in 5 years I'll be sick of making lunches and wishing my kids bought lunch at school!

And...yes, today was their first day of "School" -- so I certainly have pictures!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I heard hysterical laughing and I knew they were up to no good! I clearly took the time to grab my camera before rounding the corner to snap a few photos of their silliness.

Making his sister Smell his feet

Now she's trying to get her feet to his nose...

Time for a break


Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Fun!