Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daycare Visit

Today the kids went to visit their new daycare from 9-11 - I have been talking about it for a while trying to prep them for the transition (their first day is July 7th) -- but today was a special play visit....

I was excited and nervous but the kids seem pumped for it -

We walked in and Connor couldn't wait to get into his new school - he tried running ahead of me into the classroom. Paige was much more refrained, observing the classroom, and sticking close by me... She would get down out of my arms, explore for a moment and come right back.

They appeared to be settling in, so I said my goodbyes and made my way into the directors office to review the paperwork I'd filled out. After about 5 minutes I heard a loud, and way too familiar sounding cry -- My Connor... He was crying out for Mommy.  Of course I immediately welled up with tears, hearing my little man crying for me. But, the director assured me he would be fine in a few minutes...

When I picked them up (2 hours later) they were both happily playing with other kids on the playground --

In the car Connor told me: "I cried"
Mommy: "Ohh honey, why did you cry"
Connor : " I sad"
Mommy: "Why were you sad?"
Connor: " I needed Mommy"
Mommy:: took a moment for my heart to stop melting... "Aww,, you needed Mommy? But you had fun and Mommy came back!"
Connor: "I needed Mommy. Mommy came back"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Visiting Grampy

(ok, a few words... Grampy is my 93 year old grandfather -- the kids great grandfather -- and we got to spend some time with him this weekend, and it was so special to see the kids with him...)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Night at the Drive-In!

Last night Jason & I decided we wanted to take the kids to see Cars 2 at the drive-in movies!
We realized that this could either be a recipe for disaster or an ultimate success -- however, we felt our odds were better with a drive-in than with a regular movie theater (and cheaper too since both kids were free at the drive-in!).

We tried to pump them up by setting up the pillows/blankets in the back of the car before we left, and changing them into their PJs at home... once we were in PJs and the snacks were packed Connor was raring to go!!!!

Cheezy PJ smile!
Let's Go to the Movies!

When it was finally time to go, we piled in the car and headed to the drive-in. Paige was excited, but I'm not sure she knew why... However, Connor kept screaming "woooo!!! movies!" "light Maheeen (Lightening McQueen) and "vroom vroom vrooom" the whole ride.

We finally arrived - and started setting up for the big event!

And, we needed snacks! (we had brought some snacks from home and stopped at the store to try and prevent having to pay the jacked up movie prices!)

Mmmm Popcorn!

And, finally, the movie can begin!

Yes, they both stayed awake for the whole movie! There were times I'd glance back at Connor and he was truly mesmerized by the big screen and the movie experience! Overall, it was a wonderful family event... and I'm so glad we did it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ahhh, vacation!

Today is my first day off on vacation. Unlike most teachers, I don't have the luxury of enjoying summers off. I get two weeks off before our summer program begins and then I get another two weeks off at the end of that program.

I had really been looking forward to spending quality time with the kids this break, with no set schedules, we can do fun things, and make our "own rules"!

This morning, I slept in a little late - until 7! Woo hoo!! Then Connor woke up and sat in bed with me, we read books, we were silly, and we just snuggled until Princess Paige woke at 7:45 (very late for her).

We slowly made our way downstairs to the living room (their main play area) and I went into the kitchen to pour them their cups of milk.
That's when Connor started asking me "Put clothes on mommy" "go bye bye" "clothes on mommy"... I told him that we aren't getting dressed yet, we're staying in PJs a little longer. He didn't like that answer... he continued to ask to go bye bye ...
So I asked him where he wanted to go -- he said "Ma's house" (Ma is their great - grandma ... she watches them 5 days /week when me and Jason are working)...

I had to tell Connor we aren't going to Ma's today, we're staying home together because Mommy doesn't have work.

How did he take the news??

"No way Mommy. Ma's house."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Booty Brief Dance

We have been trudging along the path of Potty Training with Connor and he's been doing well!
He likes to "Pee like Daddy" or "Pee like a Man" (which means facing the toilet - either by standing or straddling the bowl instead of sitting on the Elmo potty seat he has).
As an added initative I decided it was time to buy him "big boy undies" -- I'll be off for 2 weeks shortly and I thought I could use that time to really push the training...

Well when he saw the underwear options, I didn't know how I was going to get him to choose! We finally made it to the register with a set of Mickey Mouse underwear and a set of (of course) Thomas the Train undies!

No sooner did we get home and he wanted to wear them I was really going to wait until my vacation but he was so excited I figured we'd see how the day goes! I told him, let's go potty and try on new undies - Um... no. "NO POTTY MOMMY." - Well...... this isn't working the way I wanted -- but PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE!
 Connor got a pep talk from Mommy about no more peepee in the diapers,so I gave him a pep talk and said, that ifhe has to tell Mommy or Daddy when he has to go, blah blah blah -- he was just too excited to put them on!!

He's looking through all of his underwear to see what he's got
He's trying to put on ALL the pairs at once...

Its been over an hour, so far so good - and we DID take a trip to the bathroom (successfully) as well

Doing his "Booty Dance" in his new undies

Paige wants in on the underpants action

Naturally he had to "Protect" his prizes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go the F*ck to Sleep


Seriously.... the most amazing piece of literature ever written. Hands down.

I especially enjoy the version as read by Samuel L. Jackson...

I was laughing out loud, wiped a few tears from the corners of my eyes and may have peed myself all while listening to this. (Ok, 2 of the 3 are true....)

This is unfortunately, all TOO real and true for my life with 2 toddlers who don't prefer sleep. At all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Modern Art & Games

This afternoon I took Connor to the pediatricians office because he's been tugging on his ears and telling me he has a boo-boo in his throat. Those paired with a cough made me feel he was due for a visit -- turns out he is fine. Ears clear, throat clear, cough no biggie - must just be some type of seasonal cold.

However....we had to wait a LONG time today. Longer than we've ever waited in that office - they were so busy, every room was full, plus people in the waiting room.

I was coming up with all sorts of games to try and keep him occupied in the small room (of course, all the fun toys are in the waiting room!) After a few of my "fun games" I asked him if he wanted to learn a new game... He looked at me and said "GAME OVER". haha I guess that meant NO.

Then, I remembered one of my all time favorites from the days of waiting for my pediatrician... writing on the bed liner! Perfect!  Now we were ready to get down to it!

He said he drew "Daddy, Mommy, Paige and Kitty Cat"

Do you see the Cow? and the Monkey?

How many times can we trace our hands and feet before the doctor arrives?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update:: Operation Big Kid Beds!

.Check out the original post here

Overall, Thursday night continued fairly successfully. Paige woke up crying twice but Jason went in, calmed her down and got her back to sleep in less than 5 minutes for each visit. After those two times (both occurring before 11:30) she stayed asleep for the remainder of the night!

Connor woke up at 1:15 - he came in my room and tried to climb in bed, but I escorted him back to his room, reminded him it was "time for the big boy bed" and he went right back to sleep. He got up again around 4:30 - and we did the same trip back to his room and I had to rub his back for a couple of minutes before he fell asleep...

Overall... a major success.

Friday night -- well...... they slept at Grammy's house so we potentially ruined our Big Kid Bed opportunity but, grandparent nights are important!

Saturday (tonight) night -- we were out a little late for them (9pm), but we went straight upstairs got ready for bed and Connor got right onto his big boy bed and under the sheet without even needing to be told! Paige happily climbed on her bed and had Mommy sit on the floor nearby. The kids laid on their beds watching a short movie to settle down - and Connor rolled over and went to sleep on his own, no fussing!

I turned off the movie and put on the sound machine for Paige and sat with her quietly hoping she'd doze off quickly... she was very good - only tried to get off the bed twice - and gave NO problems when I put her back. She even leaned her head towards me and said "I du u Mommy" (i love you mommy)... aw, I melted!

Hopefully they sleep well tonight, but the act of going to sleep in their beds is going pretty well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Operation:: Big Kid Beds. Night #1

Ok. Ok. It's official. Mommy's cracking down around here. This sleeping business is nonsense...
My kids have refused to sleep in/on cribs or beds since SEPTEMBER. Yes...SEPTEMBER! where have they been sleeping? On a nice "fluffy" bed of blankets on the floor. It used to be in the living room - and I was pleased when we moved the "bed" to their room...
(May I add that MOMMY has been sleeping on the floor with them many, many, many of those nights. I have been slowly weaning my way out of their room and into my bed. It's been alright.... I still end up in there somewhere around 2-3a.m. -- )

Not to make a long story even longer but its Time to CRACK DOWN!

The kids got their "Big Girl and Big Boy" sheets set up - (I figured we needed something motivating)... they each picked what they wanted - Connor selected Disney's Cars and Paige chose Dora the Explorer..
I got them a new pair of PJs too - and they were amped to get the night started!

Big Boy bed smiles!

Silly Girl, ready for her new bed!

Not a bad start, eh?

Don't let these cutesy little pictures fool you... they weren't that easy...
but they weren't too bad either.

Overall it took 50 minutes for them to fall asleep...lots of Supernanny moves - putting them into bed, over and over and over...
Connor fell asleep VERY quickly... within 10 minutes, and Paige put up a bit more of a fight. Which was to be expected. She climbed Out of bed too many times to count, but I was sitting right next to her putting her back in. Each time, without fail she exclaimed "No MOMMY!" and laid in bed for another minute before starting over again.
Connor then woke up shortly after screaming and crying quite hysterically. It took a while to calm him down-- which set Paige off too - but, all things considered - I've had my share of sleep battles with them and this was much easier than anticipated.

HOWEVER....its still early... we shall see what the middle of the night brings.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

hi cousins!

Remember Connor's  Big Announcement???

Well...after seeing Aunt Kelley this past weekend, I guess it really stuck in his mind that she has some babies in her belly -- and when he spent the day with great grandma on Monday while I was at work apparently he was chatting up a storm about the babies in Kelley's belly!

I'm glad he's so excited - and ooh my goodness, you have no idea how excited I AM!!!!!! I can't wait to spoil Lady Gaga and Meatloaf rotten! Oh, yeah, I named the babies myself... until they are officially named, those shall be their nicknames... (Kelley nicknamed my kids while I was pregnant too- its what we do)....

Wordless Wednesday - Scenes From Memorial Day Weekend