Monday, May 30, 2011

lots of crazy talk...

I guess a long weekend all together tends to make the family (kids and adults) more aware of the silly and crazy things we say!!!

  • Yesterday at breakfast, Paige kept standing up in her booster seat trying to reach across the table so I said: "You better sit your butt down in that chair little girl!" to which she replied "NO MOMMY! MY BUTT!" she told me.
  •  Connor has  this new "habit" of spitting (ok, not really spitting, more like doing raspberries pfffffft) when he doesn't like what you have to say... so if you tell him something he'll often reply "... pfffffft" So yesterday Jason told him that if he keeps doing that the Spitting Witch (yes, the spitting witch) will come and get him and she's mean and nasty.... So... Connor looked at us quite seriously for a minute and I felt badly because I thought he was scared. Then he looked at Jason and said "NO WAY! Pffffffffft" yup...real effective.
  • Due to the rain this morning we couldn't go to the Memorial Day Parade... Connor was disappointed.... so, to help make things more rational (haha yeah right) Daddy informed Connor "Well, blame Mommy she's the goddess of rain, so its her fault."  Mmmmhmmm, ok.
  • And, of course, Connor has become Daddy's little parrot... every time Jason's telling me something Connor starts mimicking his Daddy's hand motions and copying the words he can pick out of the conversation. It really is quite humorous-- yet, dangerous.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Connor wants to share BIG News!

We have some BIG NEWS about my sister (Aunt Kelley!) and Connor wanted to be the one to share it!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- "Girls Day!!!"

Ok - a few words -- Me, Kelley (my sister) and Paige took our mom/Grammy out for her big birthday ! GIRLS DAY!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 Months Old!!!

My darling baby girl... you are 18 months old today! You have warmed our hearts and our family for a year and a half now! Getting a "good" picture of you for this was quite a daunting task as you certainly have your own agenda.  You weigh 23 pounds and are 31 1/4 inches tall - Mommy's little peanut!

And... since coloring is one of your favorite activities... you thought you'd show everyone just how much you love coloring on ANYTHING and yes, most often, yourself...

You are little miss independent... you want to "do it yourself" like a big girl.
You love trying to go peepee on the potty already -
You make silly faces because you know you get a laugh.
You love snuggling in someones lap and reading books.
You are really starting to talk so much! You have so many words already:
mama, dada, nana (connor), kitty, more, up, no, uh-huh, choochoo, papa (grandpa), baby - just a few!

Climbing is your all time favorite past time even though it gets you in a whole lot of trouble!! And you are always busy, busy, busy playing, running and just moving all around!

I love you Paige! keep making mommy and daddy proud!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the God of Ears

According to Greek mythology there is a god or goddess for just about everything -

Aphrodite - goddess of beauty and love
Ares -god of war
Dionysus - god of wine, parties and festivals
Hypnos - god of sleep

Well...the list of Gods, Goddesses, lesser gods, titans goes on and on covering dieities of the most ridiculous things - relaxation, unmixed wine, beekeeping, morning dew.....
 So, I am fairly convinced that somewhere deep in that list (click here for list) there is a God of Ears.

And, Clearly in this life or a past life I have angered him. And on us he shall seek his fiery wrath of vengence - or something equally scary sounding.

Of all the things I thought I'd worry about when I became a mother I never anticipated the amount of time I'd spend in the ENTs office discussing ear fluid and tubes... and forcefully insisting my ENT be less laid back and more proactive - like me.

Connors tube fell out, but its just hanging out in his ear because its too lazy to come all the way out. In addition, there's some fluid in there (ugh...cue infection) and...well, we're basically waiting to see what happens... and by that we mean - does he need to go in for round 2 of tubes?

In the meantime... I'll start honoring and praying to these guys::

  • Aceso (Ἀκεσώ), goddess of the healing of wounds and the curing of illnesses

  • Aegle (Αἴγλη), goddess of radiant good health

  • Asclepius (Ασκληπιός), god of healing

  • Epione (Ἠπιόνη), goddess of the soothing of pain

  • Hygieia (Υγεία), goddess of cleanliness and good health

  • Iaso (Ἰασώ), goddess of cures, remedies and modes of healing

  • Paeon (Παιάν, Παιήων, or Παιών), physician of the Olympian gods

  • Panacea (Πανάκεια), goddess of healing

  • Telesphorus (Τελεσφόρος), demi-god of convalescence, who "brought to fulfillment" recuperation from illness or injury

  • (stolen from Wikipedia)

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Holy Moly Missing in Action

    So I have a few started, yet unfinished posts on file here... seems like everytime I get back to the computer I have a new idea beginning and the other post seems irrelevant or too far away.

    Therefore, I shall sum up the last few days and see where we go from there...

    Wednesday:: toured a local daycare (and nursery school) with the kids. Loved it. Want them to attend.
                          after dinner Wed, took kids to watch Daddy play softball at a local park. they had a blast watching the game and playing on playground.
                          Later that night... after baths and pjs -- the 3 of us were walking downstairs to say goodnight because we heard Daddy coming in from his game... and Connor lost his footing, falling -- No TUMBLING down 7-8 hardwood stairs. IT was horrifying to watch. (He's ok, minor bruising, no blood or broken bones)...

    Thurs-Sun -  fairly uneventful... nothing spectacular to report.

    Monday(today)::  I offically went and registered kids for the daycare/preschool program!
    They begin in July - they'll go 3x a week in the toddler room together for the summer -- Then, in the fall, Connor will transfer downstairs to the preschool room (eek! gasp! PreSCHOOL!! no way!)...
    I really liked the facility and what they had to offer. they will remain with great grandma the other 2 days a week.. However... when I signed the paperwork I had a whole flood of emotions - excitement, fear, sadness, happiness, hopefulness... all emotions that Im sure are part of the process... and I'll explore in the future....

    Hopefully that sums up where I've been/where we've been-- and whats happening!

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Ignore-ance is bliss.

    I don't mean ignorance  as in the lack of knowledge...
    I mean... IGNORE-ance - as in having the knowledge but ignoring it!

    Sometimes I worry that when I go upstairs to do some household chores, take a shower, or do anything alone the kids will have a meltdown and my poor husband will be left to deal with it. So, I rush rush rush through whatever it is I'm doing to avoid this possible (and likely) scenario.

    Then...other times I think "SO WHAT" if they have a meltdown, let him deal with it!
    There's no reason I don't 'let' him deal with it, other than my own issues - which then lead me to complain and say "I do everything around here!"

    The other night when I went upstairs to take a shower I was tired, and cranky. Just one of those days I guess. And... I was in a hot shower, just trying to wash the grump away... I then thought I heard a cry. And I was about to start hurrying...

    ...When I stopped myself.
    I said "Self... knock it off. Enjoy this shower. He's fine. They're fine."

    So, what did I do? Well, I took a long long hot hot shower... and I ignored my family.

    Guess what?
    They were all fine.

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    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    I said a bad word.

    the worst of the bad words a mom can drop in front of her two toddlers.
    The F bomb.

    Ohhh yeah... I dropped the F bomb.

    I was heating up some Dinosaur (chicken) Nuggets in the oven and my thumb hit the edge of the hot hot hot cookie tray the nuggets were on...

    Naturally, I shouted FUCK!!!!!! when burning your finger you don't often take the time to scan what your audience may be doing...

    And... immediately Connor scolded me...

    "Moommmmmyyyy" in a drawn out shame on you tone... so I said "I know, Mommy said a bad word, Bad Mommy" and he looked at me quite seriously and said "Bad, bad word".