Friday, April 29, 2011

Even the door lock doesn't keep them out!

In order to attempt at having a minute to myself I actually LOCKED the bathroom door last night. I had to pee. Thats all. Nothing that would take to long. Within seconds I hear "bang bang bang bang" on the door -- from what sounded like a whole bunch of little hands... "bang bang bang bang" followed by "MOOOMMMM Mommmyyyy mommy mommmmmy"
So I finally said "Who issss it?" and I hear Connor say "Moooommmmmmmmmyyyyyy"

So I said "I'll be right out, stop knocking on the door"

Connor replies "Sorry Mommy Sorry"
 and then it went silent.

I was suspicious. No way they gave up that easily. No way.

Suddenly I hear the sweet, soft voice of my door "Mommy I youuuuuuuuuuuu" (Mommy I love you) followed by blowing kisses through the door.... <3 <3 <3

Ahhh .... so not even a quick trip to the bathroom gives me the minute alone... but, I still get extra cute love.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What a wonderful (and busy!) Easter we had! Our morning began with the kids searching for the eggs and baskets the Easter Bunny hid around our house.  I didn't get many egg hunting shots because they were too quick for me, so I had to quickly switch to video -- but we got a few of the "ooh what's in my basket" shots!

yup, Bubble Bath!

Someone Found the Jelly Beans!

Then we had gone out for a nice brunch with my mom and my stepfather....

And... back home (with Grammy & Grandpa) for MORE Easter Baskets and some playing outside!

I took SO many many pictures..... there are more to share!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Ugly, The Bad, The Good, & The Beautiful - Spring Break

Ok, ok I know its really "The Good, bad and the ugly..." but its my blog, my rules.
As I'm getting ready to return to work (blech) I am thinking of my spring break and how it had its ups and downs, downs and ups... and times I was wishing I was just at work... and now I'm dreading the daily grind.

So, low and behold, my spring break in review::

I was frustrated that the weather was pretty crappy overall so we were stuck in the house.
I was agitated with "life" in general so I let my frustration get the better of me and I was in a bad mood so I think I got mad at the kids too much and yelled at them a lot. At first.

It rained. A lot.
If it wasn't raining, it was cold and not spring weather.
Due to car issues that both US and my mom were dealing with simultaneously we had some vehicle shuffling to do and I had to miss a speaking engagement at a local college I had been REALLY looking forward to.

  • I was home from work.
  • I was home from work with my kids.
  • The first weekend off, my mom took the kids Sat-Sun for a visit so I got to spend some time with hubby. What did we do? Shop for the kids Easter gifts! But still, time as adults!
  • I was able to see some great friends and their kids.
  • The kids got to spend some quality time with Grandpa (my dad) & Sandy (my stepmother)
  • I did some really fun activities/crafts with my kids during the week.
  • I was home from work with my kids.

  • Every morning Connor woke up around 6:15 to climb in bed (he normally gets up then, but figured out it was a lazy week!) and I got to snuggle with him (And sometimes Paige) EVERY day this week. I had at least 1-2 hours of uninterrupted, snuggle time with the kid(s) awake/sleeping/or both to just soak up and enjoy.
  • I got to eat breakfast and lunch (and dinner, of course) with my kids and enjoy their sillies and really talk to them... even if they smeared yogurt/syrup/jelly/[insert food item here] on themselves and the table
  • Did I mention I was home from work with my kids? So we danced, and played, and took a walk in between mini rain storms,
  •  and... well, overall I suppose I'd rather be home and stuck inside with the kids than out working every day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail (Part 2)

After foam eggs...comes dying the real eggs!

It was a bit of a "disaster" in a toddler way  (Paige grabbed the container of eggs, a few went flying up into the air crash landing on the table/Connor spilled the container of green dye on the kitchen table and neighboring rug/and Paige vomited because she drank the water/vinegar solution which caused an instant puke) BUT, nonetheless, they had fun dying and "making eggs" as Connor called it.

After they colored on some eggs with the wax crayon, and selected a color to dip it in, it was VERY hard for them to resist touching the cups, spoons and colorful solution! So, I finally had to pour out most of the solution and put an already cracked egg in the cup (thanks Paige!) for them to "dye" on their own and not worry about them stirring or smashing too hard!

 Once Connor realized that the egg was cracked he thought that CLEARLY it needed to be peeled!

Some of the green spill aftermath!!!

The finished products! Not bad.... not bad... Can you find the 2 peeled Easter Eggs???

Here Comes Peter Cottontail (part 1)

Earlier in the week the kids and I got ready for Easter by decorating some foam eggs! I had originally intended on just coloring some with crayons, but, you know I always like to be risky when doing crafts with toddlers so why not break out the bottles of puffy paint!?!?! (hence, their lack of clothes so I didn't permanently stain them with fabric paint!)

They actually had a blast and were disappointed when all 24 (yes, 24) eggs were colored and/or painted on! I can say though...that there were many body parts coated in a fine shimmery glaze when we were done -- but, it was fun and worth it! They came out SO cute that I ended up turning them into Easter cards for the family by writing on the backs a Happy Easter Message from the kids.

Just getting into his creative flow!

Color the EGGS! not the table!!!

Much Better!


OOh paint!

A few of the finished products

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do not make a sound.

They are BOTH napping.
At the same time.
And...its been almost 2 hours.
So, I'm sure that this quiet glory will come to an end but ahhhh in the meantime, I
was able to catch up on some much needed episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker and Bethenney Ever After.

But really, I also made some delicious chicken salad...
cleaned up the kitchen....
ate candy

um.... did ya catch that??
For 2 hours I did WHAT I WANTED!
and, with that...
how cute is this?? He fell asleep like this.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shutterfly! Spring has sprung!

As you may have figured out by now, I am a photo-holic. I take tons and tons of pictures - no where near professional but I have tons of fun doing so! I upload the pictures to my blogs, my facebook, and anywhere I can possibly show off the pictures of my adorable kiddos! Now that Spring has sprung the chances for adorable photo ops are endless! Kids on playgrounds, kids with freshly growing grass and flowers,

The best part - taking the digital photos and turning them into projects! I just made Easter gifts for the kids grandmothers - photo books of the kids playing outside.
One of my favorite things to do is make photo books for any and all occassions! I have made holiday books, vacation books and just brag books! I have also given books to grandparents as gifts in addition to just building up our family collection.

Another project I enjoy creating are greeting cards, and this time of year MOTHERS DAY CARDS. These are a HUGE hit! I have made cards for any and all occasions I can think of! I have used my kids photos to make Thank You Cards, Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day cards.... probably even more that I can't recall!  Your Mother, Grandmother, anyone would LOVE getting a personalized mothers day card!

I have also used Shutterfly to create birthday invitations for my kids parties... I made adorable ones for Paige's first birthday!!!
And, one other project I used Shutterfly to take advantage of is making a photo calendar of my kids! I always love getting new calendars for the new year- but, its always so tough to decide do I want flowers, an artist, cutesy animals -- well, this time around I made the choice easy - I used my children.

I suggest you stop over to Shutterfly and make your own project for your Mom or Grandma for Mothers Day!
Are you a blogger??? , click here for your chance to earn 50 free Shutterfly cards.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

You say Spring Spheres, I say Easter Eggs

Whatever you call it...we went on a hunt for them today! The kids first Egg hunt ever! Overall, was a great experience. My mom came with us today because "daddy" had to work and I certainly couldn't take them on my own... We were practicing egg hunting in the living room today, so they understood that they had to gather the eggs and put them in the basket rather than trying to play with the eggs as they saw them. It wasn't a nice spring day -- it was cold, windy and quite dreary out... we knew it was going to rain at some point -- and were just hopeful that we'd make it through the hunt before it started to rain!

The only hiccup was that when the Easter Bunny (or should I say Spring Rabbit) entered the area marked for 1-3 yr olds Paige had a little freak out and cried pretty hard for a minute... just as my mom was about to take her out of the zone to calm her down, she was able to re-focus on collecting eggs and keep a keen on on the whereabouts of that Scary Bunny.

Before the festivities:::

Connor was tired of pictures...and tired of waiting to start!

And.... Let's hunt eggs! (or frantically grab as many eggs as possible and throw them in your bucket!)

Ok'd you do???

 And...let's go home! The fun is done!