Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Being An Aunt

.....Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend..... (quote found here)

I never, ever knew exactly what it was to be an aunt. I mean, there are no job descriptions. So... I know I love them, and care about them because they are my sisters babies-- but, there's GOT to be more! All of my friends that are aunts are always so smitten with their nieces/nephews...

Well..when my sister announced her pregnancy I started to get a taste of being an aunt. I wished I could fast forward time so that i could meet them already.... I wanted to hug them and hold them and kiss them and just... LOVE them.

I became a very excited, bubbling over with love aunt of my niece and nephew on August 14th..

When they were born, I loved them immediately. I laid eyes on them hours after they were born, and my heart melted. I loved those two teeny tiny little babies-- I couldn't hold them, or even touch them for a very long time because they were born so early they needed to be in the NICU -- but, it didn't matter they were already so precious to me.

I KNEW that I loved being an aunt already. I felt a special love -- not a mother/child love -- a different, unique love .... its only the love an aunt can share with her niece & nephew!
I FINALLY got to hold my beautiful niece Avery Grace at the end of October when she made her journey out of the NICU and home...

I've been fortunate enough to spend time with Avery as she's home, and healthy -- and not too far away from where we live! I already know that I can't wait to take her on overnights, take her out shopping, and just be the best "Aunt Kendra" I can be!

And, my little love bug, my nephew Ethan... well, he's had a really tough road -- he's still in the NICU
I had been a bad Auntie, and hadn't seen him in the hospital since September... its not always so easy for me to get down there -its at least 90 min away... but I NEEDED to see him... and, oh I'm so glad I did. When I walked in yesterday, the nurse was holding him in an upright position, so he was "sitting up" for me... and ahh... I melted... his face is to die for. He is a munchkin. He was appropriately dressed in his "My Aunt is the Best" onsie I got during my sisters pregnancy. (yes, Avery has a matching one!)

I spent much time holding his hand, kissing him, promising him lots of fun times once he breaks out of that joint. I can NOT wait to hold him and smother him with as many kisses as I've given to Avery...
I can NOT wait to live up to my fullest Auntly duties - and be as loved, fun and exciting as Aunt Kendra -- just like my kids feel about their Aunt Kelley, my sister. <3

and...for updates on my little love bugs feel free to pop on over to my sister and brother-in-laws blog about the babies...


Gina said...

Such cutie pies!

Anonymous said...

Very nice job Kendra. They are lucky to have an Aunt like you ---
just like Connor and Paige are lucky with their Aunt Kelley. Love, Dad