Sunday, December 11, 2011

Connor's learning anatomy & Paige has a Christmas Light addiction

  • Now that Connor is potty trained (yahoo! yippee!!) He's totally aware that he has a pee-pee (he calls it such) and Paige has something different. Connor was telling Daddy that he has a pee-pee but Paige only has a butt. So, Daddy tried explaining that they both have butts - and Connor has his penis/pee-pee and Paige has a vagina.... to which Connor exclaimed "No way Daddy! That's nasty!".
  • This weekend Connor was told that little boys are made of puppy dog tails and he said "No. I dont have a tail. I have a pee pee"
  • And... while with grandma and grandpa in the car Connor told them that their carseat was too tight (the strap between the legs needs to be adjusted) -- he then said "It hurts my balls grandpa". (oh dear.....)

Paige LOVES looking at Christmas lights on houses, trees, lawns etc... as we drive at night. However, it is clear my daughter has some addiction to seeing lights and it can not be satisfied. After every display we pass no less than 10 seconds past it, she says "more lights"... so we wait until we find another display, point them out to her and she immediately says "more lights".

Last night on the way home from Grammy's house - approx a 45 min ride - we saw some big, beautiful light and decoration displays. Paige was not satisfied. Until the moment we pulled into the driveway she repeatedly requested "more lights" "I want more lights"...

Nothing seemed to amaze her, nothing quenched her desire to see lights.... yet, despite all of the elaborate homes we passed on our ride, at one point we passed a rinky dink little bar - the kind you wouldn't want to touch anything without gloves on -- this bar had one bush with some messy lights tossed on it... to that, my addict daughter exclaimed "WOW!".
Yeah, to that one.


Gina said...

LOL - yeah, we have an anatomy expert at our house too. He's so wrapped up in his own stuff though that he hasn't even noticed that his brother has one too!

Melissa said...

It's the simple things in life that amaze some....I am one of them. Tho I can't say I would go as far as a bush with lights on it. LOL!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hahaha! I'm glad she finally found the ultimate light display. My one-year-old is loving the lights this year. He just says his word for lights (I) again and again and again.

Connor's so funny too! I love his lines. :)

Candice said...

hahaha....too funny! Sounds like some of the conversations going on in our house right now :)

Jenn said...

LOL at Connor. I've heard many conversations from Anthony about the same topic recently.