Monday, October 10, 2011

Why don't they sit over there?

Since I'm off work today for Columbus Day (and the kids daycare/preschool was closed) I thought it would be nice to do something special with them. I knew our local Children's Museum was hosting a Puppet Show performance of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow -- so we went and our friends/neighbors came too.

The show was in a pavillion, with rows of chairs set up for the audience- in addition to a large carpet put down for kids to sit up closer. Connor & Paige wanted to stay with me rather than sit up front with the other kids, so we pulled some chairs out of the rows off to the side. I figured by moving the chairs out of the main crowd the kids would see better since they weren't in the main group.

A few minutes later two women (their children were seated in carpeted area) started dragging their chairs off to the side as well, and placed them directly in front of our kids (my two plus our neighbor's boy)... The kids would have had NO way of seeing around them.

I decided I would politely ask them to move a little... it went something like this...

Me: Excuse me, can you move over a little? If you sit there then the kids won't be able to see over you.
Woman: Well, I need to see too.
Me: Yes, I understand, but they can't see at all if you sit there.
Woman: **sighs**  Why don't they sit over there? (pointing to carpet area)
Me: Because they don't want to.
Woman: Well...I need to see the show too.
Me: Just staring blankly at woman because her reasoning for needing to block children was amazing to me....
 Woman: **rolling eyes** and slides chair off to side...
 Woman's friend: I need to keep an eye on my daughter.... so she doesn't run off... as she drags her chair too...
(The interesting thing is... Where they were originally putting their chairs was not too close to their kids as after they moved over...)

I don't like to say things that are even semi confrontational. But, come on now. Was it really necessary to block two 3 year olds and two 1 year olds???
Paige, our buddy Alex, and Connor waiting for the puppet show!

Paige, our buddies Dylan & Alex, and Connor posing for pictures!


Gina said...

There are times I have to restrain myself from punching people in their faces - this would have been one of those times for me!!!

Fire Wife said...

Some adults astound me with their immaturity!

Wait - you do know I mean them and not you, right? :)

Kayla said...

whew! my blood is boiling just reading that bs. i would have lost it! you are a better woman than i!

Candice said...

Some people just don't think! Way to go, momma :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

It's amazing to me that the women would actually sit there in the first place.

I don't get some people.

Such sweet pictures. I'm glad they got to see. :)