Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Connor! You have grown so much, I am so proud of you.
You are a sweet, caring and sensitive young boy.
You have a goofy sense of humor.
You are smart.
You are observant.
You work hard in preschool and in your speech lessons.
You are charming.

I love my little baby boy -- even though you've asked me not to call you baby anymore.
You said, "Don't say baby. Say Boy". And if I slip, and call you baby, you always remind me you're a big boy now. Yes you are... I love you.... xoxoxox Happy Birthday Baby (Big) Boy!!

                                                                            Just Born 10-1-08

                                                                        1st Birthday 10-1-09
                                                                   2nd Birthday 10-1-10

                                                                     3rd Birthday 10-1-11


Candice said...

Happy birthday, Connor! My mom's birthday is today too. I hope he has a wonderful day. By the way, I can't get over how the kiddos look alike :)

Kaybee said...

Happy Birthday, Connor!!! I remember when you were born almost a month after my son. Your mom and I need to do everything near each other. Weddings, kids, names, husband's first initial ;)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love it! My three-year-old is not a boy, "I'm man." Happy birthday to Connor. :)

Kayla said...

OMG! Happy Birthday Conner! Such a big boy.

Tater Man does not like being called a big boy because that means he has to stop sucking his thumb. He says no momma I is a baby.