Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You hear that?

Me neither.
It's because no one is home! NO ONE except me!
I am relieved only because its been a less than stellar break from work. Don't get me wrong, there have been happy, silly and loveable moments intertwined, but overall I haven't had a moment alone, or without stress.

This is week #2 - and so far my break has looked like this::

Week 1:
Monday - Connor had his surgery
Tuesday- Home with Connor and Paige, tending to under the weather Connor
Wednesday - Home with kids again, tending to under the weather Connor
Thursday - Paige went off to school, Connor stayed home because he appeared to have "regressed" in the healing process.
Friday - Paige back to school, home with Connor again because he was looking miserable and ill.
Friday night - Trip to ER with Connor for non-surgery related issues (major constipation) and didn't return home until past midnight.
Saturday - trip to pediatrician to follow up ER visit. And run last minute errands before Hurricane Irene sweeps in.
Sunday - Hurricane Irene left her mark... her water all over. That was quite stressful on top of taking care of Connor's issues.
Monday - Operation:: Clean up basement! (both kids went to school), Jason went to work much later so we could begin the cleanup
Tuesday - cleaning up the house, home with both kids, Jason off to work....

that leads me to right now.
this moment...
Jason was going to wash the car, do a few simple tasks and he took both kids.
I have a quiet moment.


Candice said...

Silence?? What's that? lol. After the week you've deserve it. Enjoy yourself until they come back :)

Jenn said...

that is a rare moment indeed. Hope you enjoyed every second of it. You definitely earned it!!