Monday, August 22, 2011

Connor's surgery.

Today Connor had surgery - he had his right ear tube replaced and his adenoids removed.
Overall, he did well and the surgery went great! He did have a tough time with the anesthesia - the recovery from it took a toll on him... but, he's a trooper...

We had just arrived, and were waiting to be taken upstairs to Same Day Surgery.
 After we got upstairs into a Same Day surgery room Connor became more resistant to the doctors and nurses -- he didn't want them to take his temperature, his pulse and he CERTAINLY didn't want to change into that hospital gown... what a fight he put up. We finally decided to let him stay in his regular clothes until a little while after he was given the Versed.
He became much more compliant and goofy after the medication.

He was "Dr. Connor"

Photo with Dr. Mommy
 After surgery, he had a terrible time waking up from the anesthesia... he was screaming, crying, trying to pull out his IV -- it was tough... and I was trying to calm him down to avoid hurting his throat any further... he only wanted Grammy... no one else. Especially not Mommy, afterall, I was the one who made him come to the hospital.
Grammy comforting him in the recovery room.

Back up in the same day surgery room -- fast asleep on Grammy again.

Out Cold.

Finally ready to go... he wasn't feeling great but he was determined to leave.

Overall, he really is doing great. He took a few more good naps, drank a lot of juice, had ice pops and sherbet - and has even tried some noodles because he was So hungry!

And, hey! Paige has totally benefited from her brothers surgery because she gets ice pops and sherbet at dinner time too!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, what a sweetheart. I'm not sure how you felt about it, but I thought it was so precious that he wanted his grandma. I'm glad he made it through and is doing OK. I'll send a prayer his way. :)

Anna said...

I had my adeniods removed too when I was four and I HATED IT JUST HATED IT. I'm twelve now so do well. How is he? Could I have your email. Mine password pigeon don't tell anyone.