Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

Connor has reached a new stage of toys.
He LOVES these two little rubbery toys.
One is a little green dinosaur, appropriately named "Dino"
and the other, a blue lizard, named, you got it, "Lizard"

These two toys are just cheap little prizes that come from Chuck E Cheese (Dino) and a family fun park (lizard). However ... its been WEEKS of these toys... obsessing over them.
He needs to have them at all times... in fact... when he goes to sleep clutching them in his little hands... he often loses them in the blankets and he has actually woken me up in the middle of the night to help find them! Its worse than a pacifier!

The status of these little toys often goes from "Found" to "Missing" and sometimes "Missing for a few days so I think I will cry and have a nervous breakdown while Mommy frantically rips the house apart looking for one" and of course, they're always found in the EASIEST spots...
you know - the shoe mat among our shoes, next to the toilet, in the bag he was using to help grandma pick vegetables...

Oh boy... these two toys will be the death of me. I think I may  need to call Chuck E Cheese and have some stockpiled.

In case you were wondering. -- current status --

Lizard : was lost between 1pm and 4pm until Grandma and Great Grandma tore the houses apart to find them in the bag of fresh picked garden veggies.... NOW FOUND.

Dino :  was lost since Monday until we were frantically looking for him because lizard was lost and nearing an emotional breakdown Connor found him hidden in the "trunk" of his ride on toy.... NOW FOUND. 

for now.

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