Friday, July 8, 2011

Rough Morning. Sad Kids = Sad Mom

Overall...daycare day #1 went well... Paige had some emotional meltdowns throughout the day, but managed.... Connor had a tough time after I left, but was good for the duration of the day...

This morning...:::
Connor was having mini emotional meltdowns all morning at home. He said he really liked "school"  and  had a good time , but just kept breaking down so much this morning and even said "I  want to stay home" mid-cry...
...when we were trying to get dressed he laid down on his bed and cried saying "no clothes"

I told him he can't go to school naked. and he laughed.

We finally made our way downstairs... made some breakfast, looked at our lunchboxes to see what Mommy packed (he was super excited about yesterday's cheese sandwich so I thought seeing another one today would help)
.... and all the while Paige was doing GREAT!
Breakfast time! Connor wanted eggs. Didn't eat eggs. I threw out the eggs... he cried that he wanted eggs. I made new ones he said "no way" -- Paige ate pretty well today.

Then... he had to go pee pee on the potty... so we go, he went and said "Mommy...I need doctor" I asked him why... he said "Eyes hurt"

Ahh...sneaky sneaky boy - I had already told him he can't stay home because mommy has an eye doctor appointment.

As we were leaving Paige was still happy and anxious to go.
Connor was just teetering between one meltdown and the next. He started to get excited though, he had his lunchbox, his bookbag-- we were ready!

We called Daddy before we pulled out -- Daddy tried to give a positive "school" pep talk but poor Connor was choking back tears the whole time... Paige was blowing kisses saying "hi daddy"

Drop off -HORRIBLE! two screaming, inconsolable toddlers screaming and crying and clinging to their mommy. Ugh it was such an ordeal... and I barely made it to the car without crying... the staff had to basicallyrip Paige off me... Connor was corralled away to the toy table to get preoccupied... I hated it.
I feel more guilty because I'm still home... (back to work Monday) --

They appear to be happily playing in the room (I am a webcam obsessed spy-Mom)...

Reminder to myself... "It's only Day will get better"


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That was a rough day!...but so cute to read. Your son reminds me a lot of my Mason. "I no want jam!" The next day. "I love jam." There so fun at that age, but WoW!

And the crying kids being ripped away--never fun. Ironically, they'll probably be racing away from you in a couple weeks. :)

Courtney B said...

Oooh I'm so sorry!! I can only imagine how hard it is to see your children be so so sad :(
But it WILL get better for them! They'll make tons of little friends and love playing with them!