Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bats in the Bedroom Render Me Useless.

Last night while I was asleep Jason started yelling to wake me up, and get me out of the bedroom... freaked out because I didn't know what was happening my gut instinct was to run directly across the hall to the children's bedroom. Once I got my bearings I looked at him with a giant "WTF" kind of look - why did you wake me out of a perfectly sound sleep by screaming... why am I standing in the kids bedroom doorway, and you have now locked us out of our room??

Well... there was a bat in our bedroom. Yup, a bat. He flew right across the room while Jason was sitting up watching TV. Not quite sure how he got in here... we live in a townhouse - so there's no attic... all our windows were closed... did he get in through the air conditioner? Is that even possible? Either way -- EWWW!!!

I was so freaked out, as Jason was problem solving ways to rid our bedroom of this bat I stood hiding in my kids room. I didn't want to see it, hear it, or deal with it. I was getting the heebie jeebies just picturing that little flying thing in my bedroom... is it touching my clothes? is it on my bed? WHERE IS IT? Ew.

One of the cats was trying to go after it - so we had a cat and a bat locked in our room... the cat didnt' get him, but he did scare him enough that he was just hanging on the edge of our closet door motionless.

Jason was requesting my help. You know... we're a team! Let's go get that bat out of our room! What did I do? I said "No way that's disgusting" and I closed the door to the kids room leaving only a small crack so I could peek through.
He asked me to go downstairs and get him something to remove the bat from our home... what did I offer? 
Yup! We can clean that bat out of our house! I was just worried he was getting his nasties on my room -- you know, cooties, blood, guts, whatever... I just wanted no part of it.

Then, he said he needed me to go turn our bedroom light on (it wasn't plugged in because I unplugged it to use the fan) and he was trying to keep tabs on the bat. I did NOT want to go into our room... but, I ran in, plugged in our light took a peek at the critter, shuddered, and ran out.

Finally, I gave Jason lots of moral support, told him to be careful, and went back to my post locked up in the kids room. He used a tupperware container to capture him and just held the lid on top to keep him from flying around the house...  I heard the bat make some noises, Ew... and jason yelled "Go open the front door!!"

SO... I ran downstairs, opened the door and... hid in the downstairs bathroom until he got the bat (and the tupperware) outside of the house!!!!!

Well...the bat is gone. And I successfully proved my uselessness when it comes to critters.. we had a mouse in here a few months ago and similarly, I provided nothing but moral support and lots of "ew's".

Needless to say... as cool, calm and collected as I was (ha!) I had a hard time sleeping after that because every time Jason moved I thought the bat was back! Or when the cat climbed on the bed to lay next to me I thought it was a bat cuddling up.

Ew... I'm still skeeved. Ugh.

**Note:: No bats or tupperware containers were harmed in the events stated above...I, for one, just do not want anything bat like, or in bat contamination in my home...**


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Whoa! Mice and bats! We only get ants and spiders in our house, thou I did once see a bat flying down the isles of Walmart.

If it was in my house, I wouldn't have gone near it! Maybe called animal control. I'm glad you all (espcially husband) were more brave, as your story provided me with my morning's entertainment. ;)

Fire Wife said...

Whew! A friend of mine once had a bat show up in her apartment (also no attic, windows closed - where do they come from?!?), and when she tried to get it out she got bit. Had to begin rabies shots until they got the test back. Ick. So... as scary as it was, consider both you & hubs very lucky!