Sunday, July 24, 2011

And They Fight...

Yes, now my kids fight.
It was inevitable.
Only a matter of time.
They're siblings.
Siblings fight.
They're both under 3!
Yes...they fight.
Connor yelled "NO PAIGE!"
She cried loudly.
He yelled "MINE PAIGE!"
She cried louder.
He walked over to her...
She pushed him away and said "NO!!!"
Then they both yelled in each others faces and cried.
That was yesterday.

This morning...
They were fighting...
over who could sit on my lap on the couch.
Paige was there first.
Connor wanted his share of Mommy.
Paige pushed him down as he tried to climb up.
He got mad and yelled "MY MOMMY!"
He climbed back up.
She tried to kick him down.
He tried to hit her and yelled "NO PAIGE MY MOMMY!!"
I intervened... and said they could both sit on my lap and
that I was both Connor and Paige's Mommy.
They got comfortable.
We were relaxed and watched Shrek.
Paige slowly reached her foot out and put it on Connor.
He got mad, and hit Paige.
I told them to stop.
He said "Mommy I don't like Paige. Put her in the garbage"

Ah... I guess sibling rivalry isn't a learned behavior but rather a human reflex.

Excuse me... I hear another fight in the works...


Gina said...

OMG - "put her in the garbage" - I'm sorry, but how did you not laugh out loud at that!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh no! Not the foot! My kids have meltdowns whenever someone's foot goes on them.

Your story made me laugh. I can relate too well. :)