Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update:: Operation Big Kid Beds!

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Overall, Thursday night continued fairly successfully. Paige woke up crying twice but Jason went in, calmed her down and got her back to sleep in less than 5 minutes for each visit. After those two times (both occurring before 11:30) she stayed asleep for the remainder of the night!

Connor woke up at 1:15 - he came in my room and tried to climb in bed, but I escorted him back to his room, reminded him it was "time for the big boy bed" and he went right back to sleep. He got up again around 4:30 - and we did the same trip back to his room and I had to rub his back for a couple of minutes before he fell asleep...

Overall... a major success.

Friday night -- well...... they slept at Grammy's house so we potentially ruined our Big Kid Bed opportunity but, grandparent nights are important!

Saturday (tonight) night -- we were out a little late for them (9pm), but we went straight upstairs got ready for bed and Connor got right onto his big boy bed and under the sheet without even needing to be told! Paige happily climbed on her bed and had Mommy sit on the floor nearby. The kids laid on their beds watching a short movie to settle down - and Connor rolled over and went to sleep on his own, no fussing!

I turned off the movie and put on the sound machine for Paige and sat with her quietly hoping she'd doze off quickly... she was very good - only tried to get off the bed twice - and gave NO problems when I put her back. She even leaned her head towards me and said "I du u Mommy" (i love you mommy)... aw, I melted!

Hopefully they sleep well tonight, but the act of going to sleep in their beds is going pretty well!


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Hooray for them AND you!!! We are struggling with getting my three-year to go sleep lately and it has been wearing on me. I plan on keeping my one-year-old in his cage, I mean crib as long as he will let me! :)