Thursday, June 9, 2011

Operation:: Big Kid Beds. Night #1

Ok. Ok. It's official. Mommy's cracking down around here. This sleeping business is nonsense...
My kids have refused to sleep in/on cribs or beds since SEPTEMBER. Yes...SEPTEMBER! where have they been sleeping? On a nice "fluffy" bed of blankets on the floor. It used to be in the living room - and I was pleased when we moved the "bed" to their room...
(May I add that MOMMY has been sleeping on the floor with them many, many, many of those nights. I have been slowly weaning my way out of their room and into my bed. It's been alright.... I still end up in there somewhere around 2-3a.m. -- )

Not to make a long story even longer but its Time to CRACK DOWN!

The kids got their "Big Girl and Big Boy" sheets set up - (I figured we needed something motivating)... they each picked what they wanted - Connor selected Disney's Cars and Paige chose Dora the Explorer..
I got them a new pair of PJs too - and they were amped to get the night started!

Big Boy bed smiles!

Silly Girl, ready for her new bed!

Not a bad start, eh?

Don't let these cutesy little pictures fool you... they weren't that easy...
but they weren't too bad either.

Overall it took 50 minutes for them to fall asleep...lots of Supernanny moves - putting them into bed, over and over and over...
Connor fell asleep VERY quickly... within 10 minutes, and Paige put up a bit more of a fight. Which was to be expected. She climbed Out of bed too many times to count, but I was sitting right next to her putting her back in. Each time, without fail she exclaimed "No MOMMY!" and laid in bed for another minute before starting over again.
Connor then woke up shortly after screaming and crying quite hysterically. It took a while to calm him down-- which set Paige off too - but, all things considered - I've had my share of sleep battles with them and this was much easier than anticipated.

HOWEVER....its still early... we shall see what the middle of the night brings.


Gina said...

Good luck! Keep us posted. Matthew has been in his big boy bed for about a week now and he's doing great (knock on wood!!). It's such a scary process.

The Blue Zoo said...

Oh my, good luck! Hope it continues to go well!