Monday, June 13, 2011

Modern Art & Games

This afternoon I took Connor to the pediatricians office because he's been tugging on his ears and telling me he has a boo-boo in his throat. Those paired with a cough made me feel he was due for a visit -- turns out he is fine. Ears clear, throat clear, cough no biggie - must just be some type of seasonal cold.

However....we had to wait a LONG time today. Longer than we've ever waited in that office - they were so busy, every room was full, plus people in the waiting room.

I was coming up with all sorts of games to try and keep him occupied in the small room (of course, all the fun toys are in the waiting room!) After a few of my "fun games" I asked him if he wanted to learn a new game... He looked at me and said "GAME OVER". haha I guess that meant NO.

Then, I remembered one of my all time favorites from the days of waiting for my pediatrician... writing on the bed liner! Perfect!  Now we were ready to get down to it!

He said he drew "Daddy, Mommy, Paige and Kitty Cat"

Do you see the Cow? and the Monkey?

How many times can we trace our hands and feet before the doctor arrives?

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