Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daycare Visit

Today the kids went to visit their new daycare from 9-11 - I have been talking about it for a while trying to prep them for the transition (their first day is July 7th) -- but today was a special play visit....

I was excited and nervous but the kids seem pumped for it -

We walked in and Connor couldn't wait to get into his new school - he tried running ahead of me into the classroom. Paige was much more refrained, observing the classroom, and sticking close by me... She would get down out of my arms, explore for a moment and come right back.

They appeared to be settling in, so I said my goodbyes and made my way into the directors office to review the paperwork I'd filled out. After about 5 minutes I heard a loud, and way too familiar sounding cry -- My Connor... He was crying out for Mommy.  Of course I immediately welled up with tears, hearing my little man crying for me. But, the director assured me he would be fine in a few minutes...

When I picked them up (2 hours later) they were both happily playing with other kids on the playground --

In the car Connor told me: "I cried"
Mommy: "Ohh honey, why did you cry"
Connor : " I sad"
Mommy: "Why were you sad?"
Connor: " I needed Mommy"
Mommy:: took a moment for my heart to stop melting... "Aww,, you needed Mommy? But you had fun and Mommy came back!"
Connor: "I needed Mommy. Mommy came back"

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Fire Wife said...

Ohhh... isn't that hard? FireGirl does that about half the time I drop her off at preschool. She cries when I drop her off, and when I pick her up she tells me she "cwied & cwied & cwied". Why? "I wann Mommy!" {{ insert heart break}}