Monday, May 30, 2011

lots of crazy talk...

I guess a long weekend all together tends to make the family (kids and adults) more aware of the silly and crazy things we say!!!

  • Yesterday at breakfast, Paige kept standing up in her booster seat trying to reach across the table so I said: "You better sit your butt down in that chair little girl!" to which she replied "NO MOMMY! MY BUTT!" she told me.
  •  Connor has  this new "habit" of spitting (ok, not really spitting, more like doing raspberries pfffffft) when he doesn't like what you have to say... so if you tell him something he'll often reply "... pfffffft" So yesterday Jason told him that if he keeps doing that the Spitting Witch (yes, the spitting witch) will come and get him and she's mean and nasty.... So... Connor looked at us quite seriously for a minute and I felt badly because I thought he was scared. Then he looked at Jason and said "NO WAY! Pffffffffft" yup...real effective.
  • Due to the rain this morning we couldn't go to the Memorial Day Parade... Connor was disappointed.... so, to help make things more rational (haha yeah right) Daddy informed Connor "Well, blame Mommy she's the goddess of rain, so its her fault."  Mmmmhmmm, ok.
  • And, of course, Connor has become Daddy's little parrot... every time Jason's telling me something Connor starts mimicking his Daddy's hand motions and copying the words he can pick out of the conversation. It really is quite humorous-- yet, dangerous.


Jenn said...

LOL!! both C & P crack me up. A has started doing the Pffft thing too. Hmm, maybe he has been talking to C. lol

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your stories are so cute and funny! What fun to read! I've never had a pffter, yet. :)