Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 Months Old!!!

My darling baby girl... you are 18 months old today! You have warmed our hearts and our family for a year and a half now! Getting a "good" picture of you for this was quite a daunting task as you certainly have your own agenda.  You weigh 23 pounds and are 31 1/4 inches tall - Mommy's little peanut!

And... since coloring is one of your favorite activities... you thought you'd show everyone just how much you love coloring on ANYTHING and yes, most often, yourself...

You are little miss independent... you want to "do it yourself" like a big girl.
You love trying to go peepee on the potty already -
You make silly faces because you know you get a laugh.
You love snuggling in someones lap and reading books.
You are really starting to talk so much! You have so many words already:
mama, dada, nana (connor), kitty, more, up, no, uh-huh, choochoo, papa (grandpa), baby - just a few!

Climbing is your all time favorite past time even though it gets you in a whole lot of trouble!! And you are always busy, busy, busy playing, running and just moving all around!

I love you Paige! keep making mommy and daddy proud!


Gina said...

So cute!! Happy 18 months!!

Jenn said...

Happy 18 months cutie pie!!

the hereba family said...

Oh no, Elias is going to look like a MOOSE compared to Page as he's 5 months, 18 pounds, 28 inches - EEK!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

She is so sweet in her little tutu outfit. I love the stage she's in, except for the climbing. :)