Saturday, April 16, 2011

You say Spring Spheres, I say Easter Eggs

Whatever you call it...we went on a hunt for them today! The kids first Egg hunt ever! Overall, was a great experience. My mom came with us today because "daddy" had to work and I certainly couldn't take them on my own... We were practicing egg hunting in the living room today, so they understood that they had to gather the eggs and put them in the basket rather than trying to play with the eggs as they saw them. It wasn't a nice spring day -- it was cold, windy and quite dreary out... we knew it was going to rain at some point -- and were just hopeful that we'd make it through the hunt before it started to rain!

The only hiccup was that when the Easter Bunny (or should I say Spring Rabbit) entered the area marked for 1-3 yr olds Paige had a little freak out and cried pretty hard for a minute... just as my mom was about to take her out of the zone to calm her down, she was able to re-focus on collecting eggs and keep a keen on on the whereabouts of that Scary Bunny.

Before the festivities:::

Connor was tired of pictures...and tired of waiting to start!

And.... Let's hunt eggs! (or frantically grab as many eggs as possible and throw them in your bucket!)

Ok'd you do???

 And...let's go home! The fun is done!


Gina said...

So cute! Love those hats!!!

Jenn said...

aww, looks like the hunt was a blast!! What a great family day.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great pictures! What a fun day! My kids don't like the waiting either, but they usually get enough candy to last until Halloween.

Yet, it somehow magically disappears beforehand. The chocolate usually leaves via me and the rest goes into the trash or hiding.

I love the hats. :)