Saturday, April 16, 2011

Small Talk for Dummies.

After a recent dinner out with some of our very close friends I came to the realization that I think I need to write a new book entitled "Small Talk for Dummies Parents".

The new book "Small Talk for Dummies Parents" will have to be a board book - with small phrases on each page, because, really what parent has time to read How-to books?

A small sampling of the content::

*When at dinner with friends it is inappropriate to discuss diaper functions, diaper sizing, diaper costs, in fact, dont talk about diapers at all. NO DIAPERS.

*If discussing menu options, the word cheese is not an automatic segue into the macaroni and cheese disaster that occured at lunch/dinner recently.

*Its OK to NOT start a sentence with "Know what {insert child's name} can do/did/said yesterday"

I mean... I'm not entirely sure I held any adult conversation that revolved around anything other than my kids. I mean...yes, i'm a mom, its OK to talk about my kids...but, all the time? I don't think so. It's a wonder how I make it through the day doing anything productive if  I can't make it through a dinner without yammering on about Paige's fantastic ability to climb kitchen chairs and Connor's fake temper tantrums and their love of Diego/Dora/ScoobyDoo/ThomastheTrain....

Guess I'd better get started on that book writing...
which reminds me, did I mention what my kids did yesterday? :0)

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Jenn said...

we're all guity of it. Just the other week I was at an event and was talking to some friends (who are also parents) and we ended up talking about potty training! So I'll help you write it since I need a lesson or 2 also ;)