Monday, April 18, 2011

Shutterfly! Spring has sprung!

As you may have figured out by now, I am a photo-holic. I take tons and tons of pictures - no where near professional but I have tons of fun doing so! I upload the pictures to my blogs, my facebook, and anywhere I can possibly show off the pictures of my adorable kiddos! Now that Spring has sprung the chances for adorable photo ops are endless! Kids on playgrounds, kids with freshly growing grass and flowers,

The best part - taking the digital photos and turning them into projects! I just made Easter gifts for the kids grandmothers - photo books of the kids playing outside.
One of my favorite things to do is make photo books for any and all occassions! I have made holiday books, vacation books and just brag books! I have also given books to grandparents as gifts in addition to just building up our family collection.

Another project I enjoy creating are greeting cards, and this time of year MOTHERS DAY CARDS. These are a HUGE hit! I have made cards for any and all occasions I can think of! I have used my kids photos to make Thank You Cards, Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day cards.... probably even more that I can't recall!  Your Mother, Grandmother, anyone would LOVE getting a personalized mothers day card!

I have also used Shutterfly to create birthday invitations for my kids parties... I made adorable ones for Paige's first birthday!!!
And, one other project I used Shutterfly to take advantage of is making a photo calendar of my kids! I always love getting new calendars for the new year- but, its always so tough to decide do I want flowers, an artist, cutesy animals -- well, this time around I made the choice easy - I used my children.

I suggest you stop over to Shutterfly and make your own project for your Mom or Grandma for Mothers Day!
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