Friday, April 22, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail (Part 2)

After foam eggs...comes dying the real eggs!

It was a bit of a "disaster" in a toddler way  (Paige grabbed the container of eggs, a few went flying up into the air crash landing on the table/Connor spilled the container of green dye on the kitchen table and neighboring rug/and Paige vomited because she drank the water/vinegar solution which caused an instant puke) BUT, nonetheless, they had fun dying and "making eggs" as Connor called it.

After they colored on some eggs with the wax crayon, and selected a color to dip it in, it was VERY hard for them to resist touching the cups, spoons and colorful solution! So, I finally had to pour out most of the solution and put an already cracked egg in the cup (thanks Paige!) for them to "dye" on their own and not worry about them stirring or smashing too hard!

 Once Connor realized that the egg was cracked he thought that CLEARLY it needed to be peeled!

Some of the green spill aftermath!!!

The finished products! Not bad.... not bad... Can you find the 2 peeled Easter Eggs???

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