Sunday, April 10, 2011

For a shoe.

I went a little crazy over a shoe today. A shoe I'd purchased on clearance at BRU last weekend.

Before I explain why... I'll give you a back story. A few months ago I saw the cutest little slip on fake sneakers for Paige. They were denim colored, but slightly sparkly (sans sequins or glitter) in the fabric. They looked like the style shoes that should have laces, but they really don't need them because they're meant to be slip ons...
Anyway -- they were the cutest shoes! She wore them once. ONCE. and then one of them got lost. Aggravating!
So, I sat the lone shoe on Paige's dresser for weeks... hoping that its partner would show up. It never did. Recently, we had to get Paige shoes in the next size because she's hit a growth spurt- and still, the lone shoe sat waiting for its mate. I finally decided it was time to throw it out. I was hesitant because, had I found it, this pair could be given away to any lucky little girl!

Fast forward::: I was at BRU last weekend and they had shoes on clearance! I saw some cute shoes for Paige and Connor -- and one pair was a similar style (not the shiny denim, but still cute) so I bought them!

Paige wore the to grandma's on Monday. She wore them home. By Monday night -- ONE WAS MISSING!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!

I was determined not to let this shoe get the better of me. I'd been looking under couches, in the toy box, in the entertainment set... yes, any random place I felt this shoe may have ended up.

All week long I stared at this lone shoe... and I think it was mocking me... saying "way to lose another shoe" or "why can't you manage to keep shoes in pairs?"  you know...the typical things shoes will say to you out of mockery!?!

Anyway.... at long last...... I FOUND the missing shoe.
Where ? the toy box.
Yes, I'd looked there before... but, apparently, the shoe was ready to be found today!

Damn shoes. 
last time I buy that style. maybe.


Gina said...

Those are cute - I've never seen tat style before - really looks like they should have laces!

Glad your shoe dilemma is solved! :-)

Fire Wife said...

OMGoodness, we went thru a similar thing with DD's last pair of black dress shoes. She got them from my parents for her 2nd birthday to go with the dress they also got her, and she wore them once, and ONE shoe went missing. We have yet to find it. It's been about four months. Ended up going out and buying an identical pair so my folks wouldn't find out.

Melissa said...

Oh how glad I am to be over the days of lost and missing shoes.

Mrs. Boom said...

Ha! That is too funny.
G has recently discovered flipping the lid on the diaper champ and I just know a shoe or toy is going to go missing in the diaper abyss one day. The toy box is a much better alternative.