Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember my weekend from Hell? and the Plague? Well it got worse!

so...first of all -- thank you so much for each kind word, thought and prayer
you all sent out to me and the family... I really appreciate all of it, and all
of you.

Having both kids so sick (with Rota Virus) and both end up being admitted in
the hospital  in one weeks timewas so stressful. Not to mention that in between there were doctor
visits, visits to the ER, back home, more dr visits, and more hospital trips...
its been trying physically mentally and emotionally...

but connor ended up in ER early Wednesday morning, and sent back home after some IV fluids...
later on that day... he went back to doctors and off for admission into hospital... (remember , Paige had spent fri-sat there!)

Of course, to round it out - I got it on Friday (the day Connor was released from hospital) -- so we had to keep the kids
apart yet again because I was so ill I couldn't care for them, or risk spreading
it anymore..

Well, its been horrible... I am not back to myself yet, but my kids are
finally home and together after spending nights at grandmas, and without each
other for way too long.

I owe a more cohesive post about Connor 's experience (as I did for Paige) and overall what the heck happened here!
But for now... I'm still feeling ill so.......


Gina said...

Oh no - I hope you're on the upswing soon! I can't even imagine. Ugh!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh my! Sorry your still so sick! Sending my prayers your way tonight.

Fire Wife said...

Glad you seem to be on an upcurve! Just praying you all are ALL better very soon!