Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music to my ears.

Since Connor has been receiving speech therapy 1x  a week since late October we've certainly noticed tons of improvement. I know he has a long road ahead of him - but he's a hard worker and I know he can do it.

However... one of his difficulties has been saying a word that has 2 sounds in it -- like MOm meeee or Daaa Deeee -- its usually been just mama/ma or dada/da

Until just a few days ago!! I walked in from work and he said MOMMY!!!!!!!!!

Ahh! My heart stopped! I was so proud of him to know that one of the words he's been practicing was successful! And... to have the word be MommY! ahh ;0) music to my ears!

He has also been saying Daddy now too! We are so happy to hear those words and so proud!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where'd it go?

No you are not seeing things.
I deleted a blog post.
I hate to admit it...because now its "Lost" forever and I can't save it for myself bc I was so upset I never thought to save it somewhere.

As respectful as I've tried to remain in a family situation, it was apparently not respectful enough and caused too much drama for your mamma.

So... I am still in the midst of a family issue, and am not allowed to have an opinion regardless of how honest I've been while remaining considerate of others involved.

Guess I'd be better off if I called people names and made up lies.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frustrated. Hurt. Ramblings.

Nothing like trying to take a stand in the name of your child/children and having it blow up in your face.

I am going to be intentionally vague right now -- some family drama that I won't air right now until it meets some type of resolve...

But... when you think you can talk to someone about a genuine, legitamate concern you have had for many, many months... and it ends up blowing up like wildfire -- and then instead of the other party asking "Why do you feel that way?" they just resort to calling you names like "a baby" "childish" and "pathetic"  leaves you feeling angry and hurt for so many reasons....
(**please note... the kids are both safe and issues are not about anything endangering to the children whatsoever)

When the people you think have shared interests in your children overreact before they talk, and listen, and actually consider the information it really cuts like a knife... it hurts and leaves you frustrated.

I'm thankful that my husband is by my side on this...and I"m sure it will pass but it will never be the same...that's for sure.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Photo shoots just aren't always so easy anymore.... but I tried!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Connor's Hospital Visit (a review)

I won't harp on the illness anymore because I THINK  we are all on the road to recovery but  I figured I'd show some photos of my little man when he wasn't feeling too hot...

Early that morning (4:30am) we took him to ER first.... they thought just some fluids in the IV would help him feel better throughout the day...

Unfortunately... that didn't do enough for the poor guy and later that afternoon we were back at the hospital with admission papers... THe nurses remembered us - (how could they not! We'd barely just left with Paige!) and took wonderful care of my little man...

 - a brief moment of feeling well enough to play trucks with Grammy!
trying to eat the ice pop...

 Catching up on Much needed sleep with Daddy -- In fact -- he fell asleep at 5:30pm and woke up at 7am the next day!

Thankfully the nursing staff and techs are wonderful people and really got my kids better as fast as possible....

No more hospitals! Please!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember my weekend from Hell? and the Plague? Well it got worse!

so...first of all -- thank you so much for each kind word, thought and prayer
you all sent out to me and the family... I really appreciate all of it, and all
of you.

Having both kids so sick (with Rota Virus) and both end up being admitted in
the hospital  in one weeks timewas so stressful. Not to mention that in between there were doctor
visits, visits to the ER, back home, more dr visits, and more hospital trips...
its been trying physically mentally and emotionally...

but connor ended up in ER early Wednesday morning, and sent back home after some IV fluids...
later on that day... he went back to doctors and off for admission into hospital... (remember , Paige had spent fri-sat there!)

Of course, to round it out - I got it on Friday (the day Connor was released from hospital) -- so we had to keep the kids
apart yet again because I was so ill I couldn't care for them, or risk spreading
it anymore..

Well, its been horrible... I am not back to myself yet, but my kids are
finally home and together after spending nights at grandmas, and without each
other for way too long.

I owe a more cohesive post about Connor 's experience (as I did for Paige) and overall what the heck happened here!
But for now... I'm still feeling ill so.......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Plague.

Whatever you want to call it - The Bubonic Plague...the Black Death - -we have it... so RUN!

This house is definitely plagued. No question.

The last month has been full of runny noses, low fevers, dirty diapers and vomiting. We haven't been able to shake the germs that have grabbed a hold of this house! At first it was " a rough winter"
but HOLY HELL... all I really have to say is... WHAT The F&#$!!!!

After Paige's visit in the hospital (you know, dehydration, vomit and "the dirty d") this past weekend I was glad to be home and relax... or so I thought.
But, silly me...


Sunday night Connor started vomiting.
Sunday night Paige vomited again for good measure. (heck, the plague never really leaves, does it?)

Monday Paige had her post hospital visit at pediatrician. (she got a good report!)
Monday Connor started burning up with a fever and puking more.
Monday evening Connors temp was at 104.5 -- pediatrician said "GET HIM IN HERE!"
Connor is ok  we tossed him in the tub, gave motrin, and his temp reduced...

Tuesday morning Connor still has a fever...
Tuesday morning Connor had to visit ENT because pediatrician thought one of the tubes in his ear looked suspicious (the plague will do that funny stuff to ya) the ENT did think his ear looked red and a little swollen he did not believe it was infected. So... what does that mean? I'm guessing... THE PLAGUE.
ohh... and Tuesday lunchtime... Cue Connor's "Dirty D" is starting .
Ugh...... I am hoping that we can eradicate the plague soon. Real soon... or I'll have to be shipped off to my own private room for the clinically insane.
In the meantime..


Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a weekend...and not in a good way (Hospital trip)

My pretty little girl hadn't been feeling well since Wednesday - she had the dreaded bug. The STOMACH BUG... she'd been vomiting and have the dirty "D" in her diapers... and, basically refusing to eat or drink. (which, didn't matter because if she did eat, it all came out anyway)...

As the days progressed she was just not even trying to drink what we offered, had no interest in eating and overall had no energy. She was becoming more and more lethargic. On Thursday she took 3 long naps at great grandmas that day-- at first I thought  to myself maybe her body is catching up and she'll feel better... but... she slept 10 hours Thursday night, and by 8:30 am on Friday was asleep again at great grandmas.

So, "Ma" (our name for great grandma) called me at work concerned. She didn't like Paige's lethargy and didn't think she was just tired anymore... **in the 2.5 yrs she's been watching the kids for us she has NEVER called me at work -- so I knew something was wrong**

I immediately called the pediatrician, got an appt as early as possible and Jason got her to the doctor by 9:30 -- I left work because I was way too worried and was hoping to meet them at the Dr - but I just met them over at Mas.

Dr said she had a bad stomach bug and it should be over soon and we need to try to get her to eat and drink something small every 15 minutes. BUT if she vomits one more time call right back - and off to the hospital she goes....

Well... we got her to eat a few (like 3) Cheerios and a sip or two of Juice -- and she almost instantly had the "Dirty D"... she also was practically lifeless... it was like she crashed after her appt...

So the doctor said take her to ER for some fluids and we should be sent home...
 But...poor girl had nothing left in her.

In their attempt to do some labs and insert the IV they had to try 3 times because her veins kept collapsing due to dehydration. They immediately decided she was to be admitted.... She had no symptoms of anything other than the stomach bug, but her dehydration was concerning -- she had only 1 wet diaper in about 18 hours --

So - we eventually got moved up to the pediatric wing.
The remainder of the night she refused to allow anyone NOT EVEN DADDY to hold her. Just mommy. what a looooong day --
but by Saturday morning she already showed improvement...
She sat up and played a little bit...

and we even put her in a wagon (IV hooked up to wagon!) to get her out of the room!

We finally saw the Dr and were told she could start eating solids and if she ate at lunch and dinner - and HELD them down she could be discharged...

Luckily -- she did, and we left! We didn't get home til after 6pm on Saturday -but, Paige couldn't wait to get outta there::

She's eaten a few small meals today, drank plenty of fluids... so she seems on the right path to her old self...

**crossing fingers it doesn't go to Connor now!**

Friday, March 4, 2011

things ive learned in the ER

My little princess was in the ER today -- and we are now
Admitted into peds for dehydration -- and monotoring while on IV... (More info to follow..)

As I lay here in the worlds most uncomfortable pull out chair/bed/torture contraption
I'm thinking of the things I learned today while spending hours in the hospital...

1. My Uggs are dirty

2. You don't realize how hungry you REALLY are until you are trying to hide your food from a toddler

3. Toddlers have superhuman strength when fighting doctors/nurses

4. Sick kids break peoples hearts

5. Jeans are uncomfortable when sitting around hosp rooms

That's wisdom straight from the hospital room for ya.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snack Nostalgia

I randomly had a nostalgic moment about a snack my mom used to make. I haven't thought of this snack, since, well... probably the last time I ate it as a kid.
In fact, its not even all that fancy, but I was thinking about it and decided  I WANT SOME!

So, we went for it!

What is it? Dry, plain cereal (Chex, Crispix, Life, you choose) -- in a frying pan with butter...
When coated, mix with cinnamon and sugar.

Of course, I always have help!


Connor helping himself!

Paige feeding her brother a sample!

And... Snack is done! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My dinner date.

The Mr. had a prior engagement this evening so dinner was up to me and the kiddos... however... I was REALLY tempted to take them to IHOP for free pancake night. Yes...FREE shortstack of pancakes for every customer.  Now... I'd  never taken the kids out to eat alone. I've met up with people at restaurants, or taken them to stores or other places by myself when they can sit in a stroller or shopping cart.. .but a restaurant? I  was either brave or crazy.

Well... I decided to go for it! As I was getting them ready to leave, I kept asking Connor if he wanted to go on a date with Mommy and Paige... so, he was excited for the "date" and off we went!

We went to IHOP!

And...all except for a crazy lady that I yelled at in the lobby (story will come later) the experience was awesome!

The kids were so well behaved -- (it did help that I brought along our portable DVD player equipped with a ScoobyDoo video in case the wait time was too long) and I really enjoyed our "date"!

We each had a short stack of pancakes, the kids got chocolate milk and mommy had some coffee -(and some chocolate milk too, shh don't tell). I let the kids have the whole plate in front of them and we chowed down!

What a fun night...and really... I am so glad I was brave, not crazy!! I have such a great memory now - of our first dinner out together (as a trio!)