Saturday, February 26, 2011

Slacker! Wordless Wednesday and Friday Favorites!

Guess I'm behind this week! ;0)

My Wordless Wednesday Pictures from last weekends "Tyke Time"::

And, yesterday's Friday Favorites!:::

Favorite or Dream Job

Well, let's see... I've had many dream jobs over the course of my 30 years... stemming way back from a young age my father tells me I used to say "When I grow up I want  to be a singer or a cow". Yes, a cow. Although my days of dreaming about being a cow are LONG gone... I still dream.
I'd like to be disgustingly wealthy and NOT work! But, ok, we know that won't happen. So, for now, I'd be happy extending my teaching certification and trying a hand at Early Intervention programs...

Favorite Vacation Spot

I have many DREAM vacation spots -- and have had many amazing vacations...
But, for my favorite vacation I pick my honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico.
It was the first (and only) "real" trip Jason and I have ever taken together (small weekend trips not counted) and it was so much fun!  We did just about anything we wanted to - ate when we wanted, drank whenever we chose, swam, napped, took excursions! It was truly such a wonderful trip... I'm dying to take another getaway.

Favorite Book
 Ughh... I can't pick a favorite book. I have read so many books I love too many to have a favorite!
I have read and enjoyed biographies, memoirs, chick lit (fluffy fiction!), mysteries... etc... I definitely can not pick one favorite book!


Gina said...

How cute are your kids??!!

Jennifer said...

lol @ wanting to be a cow. I wanted a pet lion as a kid.

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

My daughter wanted to be a spider until the age of 5. I'm thinking a cow would have been a better choice, less squishable and more productive. I love the pictures of your kids--they're adorable. Janae

Anonymous said...

Yes you used to say that you wanted to be a singer or a cow -- I encouraged you by saying you could become both --- a singing cow :)