Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

The prompts for this week are:
  • Favorite piece of clothing
  • Favorite Superhero
  • Favorite Movie
Favorite Piece of Clothing::
This is tough. I have certain clothing I go to on weekends more so than workdays (even though my job dress code is so uber casual its almost embarrasing) but I am not sure if I have one favorite t-shirt, sweater, pair of jeans...
However... I DO have the most FAVORITE pair of shoes... if it weren't for the freezing winters I'd probably live in them year round -- they are my black Reef flipflops.
This is basically what they look like -all black and...I believe we describe them as "like butter on your feet"

Favorite Superhero

Oh geeze... I really don't even know... I have to bail out of this one because - I don't know that I have a "favorite" superhero- or even really know enough about any to pick a favorite! Lame!

Favorite Movie

Ok...those of you who know me, say it with me now -- my favorite movie is:::
This has been my favorite movie ever since I can recall having a favorite movie. In fact, just this past September - my family and hubby joined forces and threw me a Wizard of Oz themed Surprise party for my 30th!


Jennifer said...

LOVE Wizard of Oz!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

that's a great movie. I bet you can't wait to introduce it to C & P.

Mrs. Boom said...

Reefs rock!!!!