Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 - Your favorite quote

My favorite quote actually comes from a random French film I saw with one of my friends while in high school. The movie was called "La Haine" (hatred) and I remember nothing of the plot of the movie anymore. I just have always loved the meaning behind the tag line from it -- and feel like its a good quote to remember when things get "sticky" (it may also be worth it to mention I took about 7 yrs of french language so I really enjoyed learning things in/about the language which may be why I took such a liking to this quote -- the way it sounds when rolled off the tongue, the meaning...etc)

jusqu'ici tout va bien - (so far, so good)

But, really... So far, so good....

Life is hard - and I struggle with many things from time to time (finances, work, managing my busy life)- but I  have 2 beautiful, healthy kids, a husband, good friends, loving family, etc -- but over all, jusqu'ici tout va bien.

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Day 2 Day Living said...

Yep that would speak the truth. All too often we count the blessings we don't have, and in the mean time forget the ones we do have.