Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26 - My week in Great Detail...

I'm not sure how exciting my week is -- but here goes my week so far:
Sunday - 1/23 Unfortunately, much of Sunday was spent visiting Jason's great Aunt Laura in the hospital. She had been quite ill and we knew her time was limited so I had some help with the kids (thanks to a special friend, Thanks Christina! and my stepfather!!)... Unfortunately, at the end of the night Aunt Laura passed away.... but we know we spent her last day with her and she was not alone.

Monday - 1/24 I ended up staying home this day - spent some time with the kids so Jason's family could gather themselves and make arrangements for Aunt Laura (Jason's family are the ones who watch Connor & Paige on a daily basis). I got some cleaning done and later on I did go to the doctor because I hadn't been feeling well, and I have an Upper Respiratory Infection.
At night -- I spent a nice evening snuggling in bed with Connor & Paige watching "Oliver & Company" and "Monsters, Inc" on DVD

Tuesday - 1/25  I *thought* that I had woken up late for work and SURPRISE!! I had a 2 hour delay due to snow/slushy driving conditions! This was fantastic because I didn't feel well still and I got to work a shorter day. After work I went to Jason's grandmothers house but rather than picking the kids up I hung out for a while and Jason brought pizzas over for dinner. Jason's other great aunt is in town from Reno, NV so it was nice to visit with her for a while -- unfortunately it was under sad circumstances that she flew in.
At night -- I spent a nice evening snuggling in bed with Connor & Paige watching "Oliver & Company" on DVD

Wednesday - 1/26 (today) We had a full day of school today- but it was pretty low key. Everyone's been anticipating the snow storm that is supposed to be headed our way (uggh again) although it seems as if no one really knows how much it is we're anticipating! I went to pick up the kids after work and hung out for about an hour with "Ma" (jasons grandma) and Aunt Lee (the aunt visiting from Reno) - we had some tea, ate brownies and cupcakes... before I went home.

So, a pretty uneventful week, but a busy one nonetheless.

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