Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog Challenge -Day 3: Favorite Teacher

Well, that's easy... my favorite teacher -- is ME!!!!!!!
haha ok, seriously though?

I am not going to pick a school teacher. Contrary to what the intended purpose of the challenge was - I have had many teachers throughout my life- in school and out of school.

My favorite teacher was/is my dad.

My dad was the dad who always made me "look it up in the dictionary", or "lets look at the map".... you know...when you just want the answer FAST but now you have to whip out the gigantic sized dictionary (with no pictures!) and look up the stupid word...yeah...

But guess what-- I'm an awesome speller. Yes, I am.
Ok, I'm horrible with maps. Horrible!
I'm a great reader- and love doing it too... and in the end, the purpose was not only to make me find out for myself (which is something I do with my students every day -- encourage them to try/do things themselves) but, whatever the "lesson" was we were working on- -was an extra 5 minutes of together time instead of being interrupted by the TV.

So, in the end, he taught me to think for myself... or to TRY at least.
He was the one who wanted to sit with me and do my projects, homework, and even study for GREs as a college graduate! I'm sure if I had homework now he'd be happy to help me understand the assignment.
That's why my dad is my favorite teacher.

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