Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Greed.

Well, we had a fantabulous Thanksgiving... we went to my moms house where we spent the day with the whole family- was a wonderful time - hanging out, eating, playing games, laughing, just enjoying ourselves.

After the aunts, uncles and cousins left Jason and I were talking with my sister and bro in law about their plans for Black Friday shopping. Hmmm....I've never been shopping for Black Friday. So, J & I started scouring the flyers with my sis and BIL for the deals. OH! The Deals!

Did you know we NEEDED a new laptop for $200? WE needed a new TV? SOme new pots and pans? ALL THE deals!! WE NEED THAT!!!!! Granted -- our laptop is crap, a new TV is fun, and pots and pans are useful...but Thursday morning we didn't "NEED" them....

Well, J & I were able to reel ourselves in a bit and focused on just a few flyers...
Starting-- Toys R Us - let's focus on the kids first!

They had awesome "Doorbusters" starting 10pm on Thursday....
We looked at one another - Should we do it??? It was already about 8-8:30...

Well...we looked through, saw some deals and we went!
By the time we got ourselves together (kids stayed at my moms) and got to TRU it was 9:45 -- um, the line AROUND the parking lot was INSANE!
**this was the view from our spot in line after we'd moved up a bit already

We waited outside for about 1 hr 15 min - when we get inside there were people EVERYWHERE! It was truly overwhelming. We grabbed 2 things immediately that we knew we wanted and started to feel as if we were there without a point- we'd lost our focus in the commotion. We took a minute and discussed just leaving despite having waited outside for so long.

We decided lets give it another shot... After realizing that the line to check out literally wove up and down each aisle across the whole store we made a game plan! I got on line with the cart while Jason shopped for our items... he'd periodically come drop off the items to check in with me and then go back to battle the crowds....

**our cart....and yes, that's a huge playhouse on top of the cart -- please don't tell the kids!**
**yes, slightly overboard, but we only purchased the items that were 50% off so we TRULY saved a ton of money**

We finally made it through the masses to the register!! Phew! We left TRU at 1am!! What an excursion! I had fun though-- for what its worth. We saved major dollars in the madness...and had a different experience!

Fast forward to this morning...
My mom, my sister, Paige and I were up bright and early for some more shopping!!! We wanted to hit up Kohl's for the "early bird specials" they were offering... So, we got up and got to Kohls by 6 a.m.!! Yes...I did say 6 a.m.

There was NO ONE there! We practically had the whole store to ourselves. We shopped for my kids, we shopped for our spouses, we shopped for other relatives who we had to get  gifts for... heck, mom even told us to shop for ourselves and she'll wrap it for Christmas! 3 hours later we trudged our way to the registers. I dont' even know how we spent 3 hours there without feeling like we spent that long in there-- but we did.

Paige was such a good girl, snuck in a little nap, and caught the attention of all the employees!
**We let her run around for a few minutes before we loaded up the car, and I think she was trying to tell us she wanted to leave*

The Black Friday deals can certainly make you want and "need" things you didn't know you needed the end, the best part of it was the extra family time I squeezed into the weekend - both with my husband and with my mom and sister....and THAT is something I'm Thankful for.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paige's First Birthday Party!

Over the weekend we had a 1st birthday party for Paige. It was a wonderful event, surrounded by our friends and family! Everyone came together for the afternoon to enjoy each other, the food and support my little girl!

Paige is now 20 lbs 12 oz., and 29.5 inches tall!
She's a walker - climber - and has a handful of words -
bee bee (baby)
ditty (kitty)
D-d-d-d-d (Dora)
n n n (no no no)
Keep on growing baby girl!

Some party photos:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday to my wonderful baby girl Paige Frances!
Its been quite a year- and I love you more than you know!
I haven't yet gotten a chance to snap the obligatory monthly couch photo -- but, I did snap a few birthday shots from her birthday dinner celebration.
Paige is certainly turning into quite the character - her personality is blooming and emerging rapidly.

She walks everywhere! She climbs everything... she is even a bit stubborn! Paige knows what she wants and will give you the big ole doe eyed look when you tell her "no..." it melts hearts!

Her birthday bash is on Saturday so I will post more pictures then....

Its hard to believe a year has flown by already -- I love you baby girl!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Throw It Out!

Paige found the garbage can!
She has also figured out its "where things go"...

Some of the recent "recoveries" I've made are:
  • a teething ring
  • a set of earphones to the ipod
  • Daddy's watch
and...who knows what else may have already made it in.

In addition, another new favorite game is pulling the cable card out of the cablebox...( I may have mentioned this in a past post...) If she decides to throw away the card...we're screwed... in case you aren't familiar with this type of cable box -- this is what ours looks like-- when the card is pulled out the cable stops!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Outsmarted! (by a slice of pizza....)

This evening  Aunt Amy came over for a visit and we were all playing in the living room waiting for our pizza to arrive -- Connor runs into the kitchen and says "dee-dee" (Candy) and I tell him "No, no Candy now."
Of course, he responds by holding up one finger - indicating "just one piece"...

I hold my ground and say "No Connor, we didn't have dinner yet. After pizza you can have your candy, ok?"
At the sound of pizza he eagerly nods yes and runs off...

Satisfied with that easy bargaining session I smile to myself until I realize that Connor is now exiting the kitchen with a plate in his hands...

The plate was from the refrigerator.

Holding a leftover slice of pizza from grandma.

This little bugger knew we had pizza in the fridge! He sat down in the living room, bit that slice of pizza and looked at me as if to say "What else ya got Mom?"

Ahhh, outsmarted by a 2 year old and a slice of pizza.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A great Sunday morning

This has been a great "family feeling" Sunday morning...the kids woke up happy, we spent some nice cuddle time-- and played together before doing anything to "start our day"...

  • Paige had a big diaper leak and it even got Mommys shirt wet
  • Mommy & Daddy are a little extra tired from a night out
  • Connor accidentally headbutted Mommy and split her lip...
  • Connor & Paige somehow stole a box of donuts for the kitchen carrying their share around while dropping crumbs!

But... those things are all forgetable. The cuddly kids, kisses and giggles aren't - -and that's why its been a great Sunday morning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


No. It seems like such a simple utterance.

Do you want chopped liver for dinner? NO I do not.
Let's bungee jump from the top of that building .NO Way!
Have you lost weight? NO... I just hide it well.

Well..."No" with toddlers is never plain and simple.

When Mommy (or Daddy, or Grandma, or Aunt...get my point?) says NO to a toddler it still means "Um...Yes" or "Who do you think you are telling me what to do" or "Whatever ::insert eye roll here::"


Paige enjoys pulling the little card out of our cable box. As she approaches she receives numerous "Paige- no, no no!" To which she responds by turning around, glaring and shaking her pointer finger saying "NNNNN".... just before pulling out the card and running away.


Connor, no more jumping off the couch (onto the pile of pillows you've created)... His response?
A side eye glance followed by a hearty jump off the couch with even more flair and drama than his last 300 jumps.

Now...there is the opposite effect of NO with a toddler as well.
When a TODDLER says NO it means

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Help Bedtime Please! (yes...I'm begging)

As many of you may know I haven't slept in my bedroom in months. Yes, in plural of month.
Well, I do stand corrected... there was the one night my mom had the kids because Jason and I had a wedding to attend... and the few nights that Jason took over totally and told me to sleep upstairs.

Otherwise, living in the living room is where I've been!

The kids NEED to go to bed.... Mostly, the problem is Paige - she DOES NOT want to be in her room - which means she'd be away from me....

  • What is your evening timeline? (when do you do dinner? what comes next... give me a rundown)
  • Any Pointers for making Paige happier and more comfortable sleeping in her room - away from Mommy? (keep in mind she USED TO sleep through the night in there)
And...they share a room - so no option for them to have separate bedrooms...)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shutterfly deal : : REPOST

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Check it out, would ya?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is this thing on?

Can you hear me?
I only ask because it seems as if today whatever I say my children haven't heard me.

Connor, leave that alone!
Connor, don't hit your sister!

Paige, get down!
Paige, get down!

Connor and Paige, get out from under the table!


Paige, don't eat that!

Connor don't jump!!!!!!