Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Last Day....

Today is my LAST, the very last day in my twenties... once I wake up tomorrow...well... Thirty Town it is..
I don't know how I feel about reaching this milestone-- one part of me feels the "OH GAWD I'M THIRTY!" and the other part tells myself "you're married with 2 children, who cares anyway?" hahaha

How did YOU feel about turning the big 3-0???

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Those things I want to do

There are a few things I'd like to do. These things are often done in combination - but, any of the three would suffice now.

#1 - The first thing I'd like to do is a 3-letter word. It's often done on a piece of furniture - designed to take the pressure off of your legs and feet. Oh....hmm... yeah, that thing is called. SIT.

#2 - The second thing is a foggy memory - very typically goes hand in hand with that "sit" thing... its, um, this thing thats supposedly quite enjoyable when done. I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, its called RELAX.

#3 - My third and final wish -- Yes, I know, I'm really pushing the limits -- is for something that I don't even know if it exists! It may be a dream -- it may be something I concocted in my head but..I'll ask for it. It's magical I've heard. I want to -- SLEEP! and not just sleep... I'd like to sleep....IN MY BED!!!!!
That would be MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh....just thinking of it brings goosebumps to my skin.... dream.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 months old!

Paige turned 10 months old yesterday! I just can't believe that in 2 months I will have a 1 year old daughter!

Paige was willing to sit for photos yesterday...Only if she could have a pretzel. So, don't mind her shoving pretzels in her face.

Paige is approx. 19 pounds...I won't know until tomorrow how long she is! (Sure I could measure her myself, but then if the Dr says something different,blah blah blah)

Paige is still not a walker-but she sure is trying! She quite often stands unassisted for great lengths of time. She can walk up to 8 steps- but, don't distract her, or BOOM! down she goes!

She's loving meals now - when we give her some solids- scrambled eggs, fruit pieces, cheerios, she loves chewing on toast!, meatball bites, mac and cheese!


She plays rough with her big brother.I think she forgets shes so little! They laugh and laugh, and really play nicely together! (Mostly...).

Paige often says "Da-da" and "Ba-ba"... and is even beginning to say "Uppa" when she wants to be picked up. She does "SO BIG!!!" (seen in the picture of her and Connor) and claps hands!

I feel like her personality is starting to develop more strongly -- she's still my little diva, and wants to be with her Mommy often...too often... But, she can get quite animated and silly too!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sometimes your life gets put into perspective by the worst and most sudden of circumstances.
Unfortunately, that day came today.
One of the dear boys at my school passed away today at the age of 8. He was only projected to live until the age of 6 months old - so he was blessed with a full life in a positive perspective.

Work was horrible-- the nurses had to do their job working on reviving him, the ambulance arrived and the EMTs tried as well....the hospital ER staff as just goes the opposite way we'd like.

The day put life into perspective. I called Jason IMMEDIATELY and cried. I cried knowing that I am fortunate to have two wonderful, beautiful, precious children home that are healthy.

So...this, my babies, is to you...

Dear Connor & Paige-
I love you. I Love your hugs and kisses. Your smiles, your giggles, your delightful squeals. I am sorry when I get frustrated. I am sorry that I don't always get to play with you when you'd like. I'm sorry I get annoyed when you won't sleep in your bed --because, really, I'd rather spend the next 10 years sleeping in the living room with you both knowing that you're both there with me.
I thank you both for allowing me to be silly while we dance or play monsters and peekaboo.
I thank you for loving me no matter what. I thank you for sharing the joys of your milestones... I thank you for making me one of the most important and influential people in your life. You are both the most wonderful and important people in mine...
I love you with all my heart - and all of the frustrations in the world pale in comparison to the thought of no longer having you to squeeze tightly at night.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


No matter where you are pusing a stroller loaded up with 2 children, a diaper bag filled with god knows what, a separate bag for bottles etc... and whatever else is loaded up is a bulky endeavor. (yes, same goes for just 1 child...)

So..what exactly is it about strollers that make non-stroller people dumb?

In my mind...this is what I envision occuring to these people:

 "Oh gee there's a big stroller coming my way, may as well cut across it as close as I can because heaven forbid I have to wait for that huge load to pass by"

"Stroller! Just stop in your tracks!!! It will go around us if you don't move!"

"Oh, stroller-- this is the most perfect spot in all the world to walk extra slow now while dangling my cigarette/cigar near that cute little baby!"

So really, I'm not expecting people to see us coming and bow down along the pathway...Although.....

But come on, can't we develop some sort of stroller etiquette here people?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Terrible Two's

"Terrible Two's" - sure... we've all heard of them. But, come on, How terrible can someone with this face be??:
And the answer is...PRETTY TERRIBLE!

OH man...I know, I'm supposed to be older and wiser- but, no...I don't think I am this time. 
He's pretty smart and tricky to be perfectly honest. Sometimes his "wise-ass" demeanor will either make you more angry, or it will simply cause you to choke back your laughter- either way-- its a lose-lose situation for the parent.

Example #1- 

Connor is pushing his chair around the kitchen. Mommy says "Connor, please stop"... Connor continues. Mommy says "CONNOR, stop pushing your chair"...Connor looks at Mom, continues. Mommy says, "CONNOR, NO!"...Connor looks at Mom, smiles, continues....

Example #2-

Daddy asks Connor to get off of the arm of the couch. Connor refuses. Daddy asks Connor again...Connor halfway slides body off arm of couch... Daddy asks AGAIN...Connor slides self down but kicks leg in Daddy's general direction as if to kick him...then when on floor "stomps foot" an inch from Daddy's hand as if intending to stomp on Daddy... Connor ever so slightly pushes foot on Daddy's hand and applies pressure slowly...looks at Daddy, opens his arms wide and hugs Daddy before he can get in trouble.

Example #3

Paige is playing with Connor's toy. He does NOT like this. He tries to take it away, she pulls it back. He shoves her, she gets back up! He pushes her harder...she cries for a second, gets back Shoves her down, head butts her with just enough force to make her "know who's boss" and runs away with toy..."

  • Refusal to cooperate with any request – CHECK!
  • Contradictory behavior –CHECK!
  • Alliance forming – if someone is mad at him, he’ll go to another person. For instance, if he senses I am angry with him, he’ll go to Daddy.-CHECK!
  • Throwing tantrums whenever he fails to get his way –CHECK!
  • Hitting, throwing, "aggressive" behavior- CHECK!

My dear little boy spends a LOT of time in time out...
and...he hasn't even officially turned 2 yet...Sheesh!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Paige Got Tubes.

Yesterday Paige got tubes put in both of her ears. Wait...this seems familiar you say?? Well, yes, Connor got tubes done July 26th (See Here).

Unfortunately, Jason was not able to come to the hospital with us - due to work issues - he was very upset but we knew she'd be just fine, and I kept him updated with text messages, text photos and phone calls.

Paige and I had to be at the hospital by 7 a.m. for her 9 a.m. procedure -- a bit rough since she wasn't allowed to eat or drink formula past midnight -- So I woke her at 11:30 pm for a last bottle to fill her belly - and she was allowed clear fluids up to 4 hrs before- so I woke her again for a bottle of water to try and ease her day.

We were sent upstairs to peds and Paige was given a cute, but way too large hospital gown to wear.
Luckily by that time, my mom and dad joined us in the hospital so I didn't have to spend the day there by myself.

We walked down the hall to the play room to let Paige move around a bit and get her squirmy's out of the way...

From there we were eventually brought into the pre-op section where they administered the oral sedative to her. Like a good girl she swallowed it all - and the result?? Dead asleep on mommy's shoulder. Asleep, is not even correct, poor girl was OUT COLD! Comatose?? So, hence, few pictures of her waiting for surgery.

When the anaesthesiologist came to get her I easily put her in the hospital crib/bed and followed them down the long hallway to the OR. As we walked down the hall, I swear, a collective "Awwwww" let out through the hallway as the other nurses and hospital staff took a peek at the cute little baby being wheeled down. (I must was nice to hear other people oohing and ahhing over your kid, ya know?)

Of course the procedure went quickly - and the Dr came out to get me as soon as it was over. Paige did great- and, surprise surprise...there was an infection in one of her ears! (Yes, he could still do the surgery, they simply drained out the fluid in there).

When she was in recovery the poor girl couldn't stay asleep comfortably. She was so wiggly, squiggly and unhappy. She just tried to fight the anesthesia and didn't know what to do with herself because of how she was feeling. They finally brought us over a few 2 oz bottles of Glucose water (sugar water) because she hadn't eaten in so many hours!

FINALLY we got sent upstairs to peds again where the baby girl was groggy, uncomfortable and just unsure of what was happening. She cried a little,nothing too much, but she just wanted lots of cuddling...
And...she got her very first Ice Pop!! Mmmmm

She loved eating that ice pop!!!
However, I really wanted to get some "real" food in her so I asked if they'd please give me some formula for her to drink before we left...after about 2 oz of formula her color looked a bit better and she certainly perked up a bit!

Then, we got discharged! Paige did great the rest of the day overall. A bit fussy at times, but, heck, her body just went through a lot! As the day went on she played with her brother in their usual manner.
At night she did have what I called a Puke Extravaganza while she was settling down for bed-- I think it may have just been from the anesthesia in her system... once she got it all out, she got cozy for bed, and slept soundly all night long.

What a good girl!!! ;0)
Here's hoping this is the END of ear infections (for a while anyway) in the family!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In a Nutshell.

Here's a super fast catch up of life:
  • Our computer crashed 1-2 weeks ago and Jason's been working hard to get it back into gear-- getting there slowly but surely. It just isn't running quite right yet therefore it annoys me to use it sometimes.
  • I spent the last 3/5 days of my vacation AT WORK prepping my classroom.
  • The other days were jam packed with visits to friends, family days, etc...
  • We've been DISPLACED from our home -- KILLER BEES!!!!! Ok, maybe not killer bees-but we've been infested with bees in our home and have been staying with Jason's g-ma while the landlords "tried" to fix it. (aka, avoided calling the exterminator for 4 days because its cheaper now that the holiday is over). Its kind of annoying to NOT be living in your house. Oh least its not too far from home (10 min)
  • Paige's surgery for tubes was moved! It was originally scheduled for Sept 20th - and was fairly last minute moved to Sept 9- YES, THIS WEEK!!! (Thurs).
That's life, in a nutshell.
And why I've been MIA lately.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kids fall.

(sorry, I've been a craptastic blogger lately. And I owe a blog about my craptastic blogging lately. There are some stories there)

This past Sat. Jason played in an all day (yes...from 8am - 8pm) memorial softball tournament... leaving me to entertain myself and the kids all day! I did actually have a very busy day - between brunch with some mama friends, visiting daddy at the ball field, and hanging at a friends clam bake (Mmmm thanks Amy!!!!!) we were all over!

However... as we were getting dressed to head out for our busy day, Paige was sitting on my lap on the couch...
So, busy/hurrying mommy + squiggly squirmy baby girl =DISASTER!
She flipped off the couch (FLIPPED!!!!) and landed on the floor - ON HER HEAD... ohhh the screams!! Not to mention her crying! haha I really did freak out though. She was ok - I watched her, checked her out - and she was ok, just bumped up and scared. Ohhh...Mommy made sure to give extra kisses. Connor even got scared so he gave the baby some kisses too!

Fast forward...clam bake!!
Aunt Amy - had lots of puppy visitors at her house - Connor was in heaven!!! He was running around the yard with the dogs, having a blast! As he was climbing up the porch steps (4 or 5 of them) we all sort of realized - this could be dangerous.
He no sooner reached the top when he decided he wanted to to back down to the dogs...he stood at the top step with his back to the stair case. As I, and a few other people, called to him and tried to get him away from the stairs... he tumbled backwards down the staircase...ugh... he did jump up, crying, of course... so he was ok as well.
So excited Connor + open staircase+ puppies + FREEDOM = Mommy jumping out of her chair, plopping Paige into the closest persons arms, jumping down the porch stairs and DISASTER!!!!!

I mean, I know kids fall -but, really...

Did they BOTH have to fall on the same day????

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Turning 23 Months

Yesterday my little boy turned 23 months old! I just am NOT ready for a 2 year old.
I know...i probably said " I am not ready for a 1 year old" when he was 11 months -- but, where did time go? Its moving so fast! I just can't believe it!

My handsome little man is already shaking hands with the terrible two's! Testing limits...ignoring what he decides he doesn't wanna hear...
but, he's also snuggly, huggy and kissy!

During "OPERATION REPAIR OUR COMPUTER" Jason was trying to save some of our home movies that were uploaded on the computer... and we ended up watching a handful of them from when Connor was just a few months old...
I felt so sad- in a happy way (?!?!) because he's grown so much, but, I don't even remember him that small!!

here's one of the videos!