Monday, August 30, 2010


yes,I've been MIA between a problem filled, crashing computer and a weekend away at Sesame Place with the family...
I owe you some blogs.
be back soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I need Mom-swers..(asking for help from YOU)

OK - so, for the past week-week and a half my kids quit bedtime. Yup. Quit.

Connor USED to go to bed (in his crib) around 8:30 after I read him a few books and then sleeping or not, into his crib he'd go- and he'd just drift off to dreamland.

Paige, was a bit harder, but, she'd drink her last bottle and usually fall asleep while doing so-- then I'd quietly carry her upstairs and put her into her crib--which is in the same room as Connor.

If either of them ever cried out, I'd go running - only because I wanted the other to remain sleeping - I'm all for a  little CIO (cry it out), or fussing for a minute - but - not to wake up their sibling.

Lately, Connor got  into a habit of falling asleep in my bed or in the living room and getting carried into his room for bedtime. (bad bad bad, I know) When he goes into his crib asleep he'll stay that way but, if I try to put him back to bed awake, major freak out. We're talking, a MAJOR re-visit to sleep training -- seems like its gonna be worse than the first time we did this.

Paige - I don't know what's happening with her. Lately, she won't sleep in her crib. If she's fast asleep when I get to her room, the MOMENT I put her in the crib she's screaming, standing up and jumping up and down in her crib. So, we take her out and start the process over... falls asleep, enter room, approach crib- SCREAMING.

In addition, she has a hard time staying asleep lately -and she used to STTN (Sleep Through The Night).

I'm not sure what happened, especially with her...she's so far off track that I don't know where or how to start. I've tried a little CIO - but she ends up screaming harder because suddenly there is a dirty diaper in the mix, or, she's thrown up. Not good.
Heck, last night, I pulled a Super Nanny move -put her in the crib then sat on the floor near the crib - NO EYE CONTACT! But, she could see me. Yeah...that did NOT work.

I'm tired. I'm frustrated. I'm seriously at my wits end.
Last night I was hysterical crying trying to put them to sleep - and then I was ANGRY that it was almost 10pm and they weren't sound asleep yet.... I feel like I have failed. I feel like I should be able to fix this - they're my kids, right? I feel like I'm the one who let this sleep train de-rail so why can't I get it back on track.

Angry - it seems harsh, but night after night of not sleeping will do that to you. Especially when they'll sleep in YOUR bed, or the living room floor - but not their own room.

What makes this more difficult for me to figure out is that they share a room. So, who do I start with first? Anyway to help me get back on track? I'm really asking for help.

Monday, August 23, 2010

eating is good...??

My darling Paige is always putting things into her mouth. Yes, I know, its normal for babies to do so -- but she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth - she's so sneaky too! I'll suddenly see her mouth moving in a chewing motion and I know its time to play "What will we dig out this time!"

Well, I already know she isn't allergic to:
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, rasisins and Dunkin Donuts Munchkins. (thanks Connor for sharing with your sister like Mommy & Daddy ask you too... although, we didn't quite mean EVERYTHING)

She's had cat treats in her mouth, little balls of fuzz, pieces of paper she's chewed...

I swear - she eats everything she isn't supposed to... and then, when she is being fed...(this video was filmed July 23) we get this:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night without Kids

So last night J and I dropped off the kids at my moms for the weekend. Yahoooooooo!!! (right??)
Well,  we went to blockbuster (paarrrtayyyy!!) rented 2 movies and got some candy and popcorn.
Halfway through the movie, I down for the count. Sleep city.
What a craaaaazy Friday night!
(allow me to interject, it did feel nice to sleep through the night though)
This morning I called my mom by 9 to check up on them- of course they were just fine.

And..already planning their pickup time.
So..I guess as much as I enjoy the time to relax, part of me would prefer the craziness!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 months and 1 day...

Oopsie daisy! Well, My darling girl turned 9 months old yesterday! I did do her photo shoot yesterday but just never got around to putting up her beautiful photos!

My beautiful daughter -- at 9 months you weight slightly over 18 lbs -- (you haven't had a height/weight check lately, so I'm not exactly sure where you are).

You are growing too fast! You can clap hands and wave hi/bye. You say "da-da"!!
You have finally cut two bottom teeth!!!

You are trying to walk soo hard... but, just not quite there. You've been brave with standing and not holding on, but, that doesn't last too long. However, a few days ago you did take 3 unassisted steps! Wahoo!!!!

You're still battling ear infections - ugh, so you will be visiting the ENT next week - like your brother! Mommy needs a family discount!

Lately, sleep is difficult for you... you don't seem to want to be in your crib at night - making Mommy VERY tired.

We all love you very much big girl!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mystic Ct Vacation...

As promised, some photos!

We took the kids to the Mystic Aquarium-

Then,we went to the Splash Pad at Dinosaur Adventure. They both had a BLAST!
And...we took them to the beach!!!! Their first time ever! (I have so many pictures of this, it was hard to pick my favorites)

I Heart Your Blog Award!

My good blogger friend Kayla at and Potato Makes Three awarded me this cool blogger award:

Please be sure to swing by her blog, her cutesy tootsy little boy is there to look at, and she's been getting some super sweet giveaways lately!!! Go check her out! Now!!!!!!

And...some bloggers I "Heart" are...

Melissa @ Day 2 Day Living
Mary @ Unscripted
Steph @ The Adventures of Goober Grape & Monkey Man

Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I learned on Vacation

We went on a mini- family vacation (our first "just us 4" vacation ever) to Mystic, Connecticut. We had a blast! I will post with pictures soon -but, first, I thought I'd share some things that I learned while on vacation:

  • Connor has a real good "fake cry" along with the cutest and fakest cry face
  • Paige wants to walk. Really really badly.
  • Paige is a lot less fearful of things than I thought she'd be...(at the "spray pad" she was sitting in the sprinklers and putting her face in them)
  • Sleeping in a hotel room means sleeping in a double bed with 2 kids... because, where else would they sleep? (Certainly not in the pack n play, or in the other bed with their Dad!!)
  • Watching my kids really enjoy and experience something makes me so happy I teared up -- watching the kids amazed by the fish at the Mystic Aquarium and watching Connor's eyes grow wide as he saw the beach for the first time -- some of the best moments.
  • Just getting away for a weekend can rejuvinate the whole family.
  • Not having much money to get away can still work out if you plan it right.
All in all...a great weekend... will post some great pics soon. Here's a little teaser:

Friday, August 13, 2010

The succesful-ish accident.

So, it seems Connor was sort of weaned off his pacifier.
I guess I didn't even realize we started the process but...we started it.
Coincidentally enough, I was just reading a great blog entry over at The place where one porkchop is required
about working on weaning her beautiful daughter off her paci. Both of our children were Oct. 08 babies- and know the task we're about to encounter!!

However... Wednesday evening we set up blankets and pillows on the living room floor for Connor to lay down and "chill out" on (we do this nightly) I was busy with a fussy Paige. So...I didn't realize that Daddy-o didn't give Connor his pacifier. Now...on Daddy's part, this was intentional, because, he's ready for Connor to stop using it.
I guess, I've been Connor's enabler.

Wednesday night, Connor fell asleep in the living room fairly quickly and I ended up carrying him to bed. He never woke up for that pacifier-- or looked for it in the morning! yes~~~

So obviuosly, he'd gone without it all day yesterday as well so I decided I better not give it to him for bedtime to see if we can continue on this path. Well, he had a tough time settling to sleep - he was pretty hyped up til almost 10pm but, wasn't crying or looking for his paci AT ALL. He was simply, hyper. So, all in all, i suppose, this is fairly succesful considering it was half-accidental (on my part)...

I guess, its better now than never unless I want him to recieve his Ph.D with a paci

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Minute - Co-Hosted BY ME!!!!!!

I'm psyched!
Today I have been honored to Co-Host the Monday Minute brought to you by The Daily Dose of Reality 
I was given "creative freedom" to make up my own questions to pose! Please play along! And...whatever you do... don't forget to sign the linky on the bottom!!!

Monday Minute

What was your "oh no, I'm turning into my Mom/Dad" moment?

I can't say that there was One defining moment. As I wander through my life I find myself saying something to a friend/family member/etc.. and realizing "Oh man...that was my Mom..." or.. "Oh...I remember when Dad always said that to me"... SO I suppose I'm morphing into my parents slowly.

What current commercial do you find the most annoying/funny?Well, the new Optimum Commercials that show the Fios guy's mom show up are pretty annoying. I can't think of a funny one that's on right now. I"m sure tomorrow I will though. 

If you could only eat one color food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Brown. That gives me iced tea, pretzels, chocolate ice cream, hamburgers, steak (I like it well done! a-ha!), whole wheat pasta (not that I eat whole wheat pasta now...) see... a pretty good variety.

What is your current Facebook/Myspace/Twitter status?

Facebook:   not finding the awesomeness in being up at 3:30 a.m.... I've been awake for an HOUR already.
Myspace: dont' have one
Twitter: Catching up on dvr while both kids sleep on me (from Sun. night)

F, Marry, Kill from this list below.  Women pick from the men, men pick from the women.

Hm... I think I would "F" Regis (yes..gross, but work with me here...)...
          Marry Perez Hilton (he'd be cool to have bitch fests with, ya know? It could be a platonic marriage)
         and Kill Justin Bieber cuz I can't STAND him. hahahaha

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ok, I'll Share.

I share silly stories about the kids... not usually about me.
So... here are some things about me, and even "weird" ones.

  • I can't sleep if the mattress isn't "even" with the box spring. In addition, the fitted sheet has to be adjusted before bed too so that the four  corners are as even as possible.
  • Every time I get up I have to go use the bathroom. Even if I don't have to go to the bathroom, I HAVE to go in and try.
  • After eating a delicious spaghetti meal I can not resist grabbing (yes, GRABBING) a handful of plain, semi room temp noodles to eat afterwards.
  • Coffee is my vice. Hot, iced, home brewed, Dunkin Donuts... you name it,I want it.
  • I'm left handed.
  • I have 3 tattoos. My husband HATES them (and all tattoos in general) -but, they were there when he married its part of the package.
  • I LOVE watching the Backyardigans with Connor. I think I'm becoming obsessed with this show.
  • I won't sit on fabric covered furniture in public (like couches, fabric covered chairs) without cringing. Or, I'll avoid it totally if I can.
  • I still bite my nails sometimes. Terrible and gross. My dad has been trying to get me to stop since I was a teen. Even my husband tells me to stop. Sometimes, I can't. Although --looking at my nails most people couldn't tell I was a nail biter.
  • I DO NOT like mushrooms. Not even a little. They give me the heebie-jeebies. I won't even eat something that has mushrooms in it and pick them out. No. Way.
  • I will eat ketchup, don't like it on my fingers though,ew! 

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Connor & Paige Photo Comparison

    In August'09 Connor was 10 mos. old.
    This August,  (2010) Paige will turn 9 months old... but, lets look at their sibling resemblance! (the idea came to me after making THIS POST and Gina over at The Ish Blog commented on it!)

    Random Brain Poppings

    Some random things that pop in and out of my head on occasion:

    • I like when my kids sleep a little late so I can drink hot coffee and eat warm waffles. Most days, my waffles are cold, like my coffee.
    • I want to pee alone. Or, at least, not have someone crying outside the door because I've shut the door in front of them.
    • Is it weird that I get more excited when The Backyardigans comes on than Connor does?
    • There's something irresistible about drooly, slimy open mouthed kisses from your kids.
    • Do I REALLY not have time to read books for myself, or am I just lazy? (both, a little I think)
    • What was life like when I wasn't excited over burps, poopy diapers, and stinky baby feet?
    • I still REALLY love stinky baby/toddler feet. ;0)
    • Does anyone get sick of the bajillion pics I take of those kids? Because, I sure don't!
    ...Happy Saturday!

    Friday, August 6, 2010

    August then and now.

    I was just perusing some old photos and thought I'd share LAST August compared to THIS August!



    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Monday Minute

    The Monday Minute is brought to you by:
    Monday Minute

    Describe your life in one word

    Is there something you wish you had learned how to do as a child?
    There's tons of things I wish I had learned as a child. Perhaps, number 1, Manage Money. But, I guess, children don't often learn that.
    So...I will say - I wish I learned how to speak another language. Fluently.

    Who has been the biggest influence on your life? I don't know that there is ONE person. I know that in the end, my parents have been right more than I'd probably ever care to admit... so, Mom & Dad.

    What is your greatest dream/hope/aspiration?
    My greatest hope is that my husband and I can continue to work our butts off and watch our children grow and lead healthy and happy lives. I want them to experience as much as they can, and not go without the necessities - and be PROUD of who they are.

    and finally...

    Do you believe you have reached your potential?  Why/why not?
    No.  If I had already reached my potential I wouldn't be struggling financially like I am, I would have all I needed, wanted, and imagined...

    Sunday, August 1, 2010


    Every so often I empty out the diaper bag and then refill it with "stuff" again.
    I always try to pack moderately, because I have bad tenden 1cy to always pack TOO much.
    "What If" always runs through my mind, so I add one extra thing here, and grab something else as we run out the door. This always ends up causing the diaper bag to be a potpourri of stuff, where I end up having too many of one thing, and not enough of another.

    Today's inventory of the diaper bag is:
    • 1 changing pad
    • 5 size 3 diapers (for Paige)
    • 4 size 5 diapers (for Connor)
    • 2 swim diapers (1 each)
    • 1 travel case of wipes
    • 1 pack of adhesive disposable placemats
    • 1 disposable bib
    • 1 tube Desitin
    • 2 "Boogie Wipes"
    • 2 mini packs tissues
    • 1 pair shorts for Connor
    • 1 t-shirt for Connor (NY Mets specifically, if anyone's interested, haha)
    • 2 rompers for Paige
    • 1 pair shorts for Paige
    • 1 onsie for Paige
    • 3 bibs 
    • 3 disposable forks
    • 2 hair clips (for Mommy)
    • 1 container Infant Acetimenophin
    • 1 container Hyland's Teething Tabs
    • 1 pair Connor's sunglasses
    • 1 pair Paige's sunglasses
    • $5 (in singles) 
    • 2 postage stamps
    • 1 feminine product
    • 1 breath mint from Sonic
    • 3 chapsticks (for Mommy)
    • 1 lip gloss (hopefully, For Mommy only)
    • 4 crinkly/chewy toys for Paige
    • 1 Spider Man action figure for Connor

    So....yeah, that's a lot of stuff.

    Don't let me forget to mention, I had a whole separate little cooler bag for the bottles,sippy cup and snacks.

    I clearly need diaper bag packing HELP!