Sunday, December 12, 2010

We love birthdays.

Let's face it - our family gets hit all at once with birthdays...
Mine is September, Connor's is October, Paige's is November and Jason's is December...

Lots of birthday cake, candles, and singing.
Just the other night we had the family over to celebrate Jason's birthday - and when the candles on the cake were lit Paige started saying "Ooohhh". She was quite interested in watching the candles.
After we sang Happy Birthday Connor helped his Daddy blow the candles out.

Well, Paige wasn't a fan of the unlit candles -- "MORE!" she requested, over and over.
So, we relit the candles to let her see them again--and, of course, Connor looked at us and started to sing the tune for Happy Birthday... and clearly we had to sing AGAIN!
So, Jason got 2 rounds of Happy  Birthday instead of one!! We love birthdays!!!

Ever since I took down the little "Happy Birthday" sign, Connor is hell bent on getting me to hang it back up because he doesn't want the birthday to be done!

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Day 2 Day Living said...

My birthday is in October and I claim the whole month for my birthday.