Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simply Having...A Wonderful Christmastime

Yes, i'm singing this song to myself as I type - and I'm sure you are doing the same.
But, its the truth! We've had a lucky holiday, and its not over!! We still have some more grandparents to go visiting!

Connor woke up so early Christmas morning and woke me up by peering at me over the bed - he was ready to see if Santa arrived! was not even 6 a.m. so Mommy shuffled him back to bed and laid with him for a little while longer. From there...we had Christmas Day extravaganza!
The kids were DELIGHTED to see what Santa brought them (especially the play house....Paige never left it, I even had to deliver her gifts to her) and Connor would alternate playing in the house, opening a gift...and so on.

Then, we hurried up and left the house to go to Grandma T's house for breakfast and more presents  (everyone stayed in jammies)....  the kids got an easel at Grandmas house!

Then, we went back home to relax for a little while so the kids could play with their toys and we got dressed up in our Christmas best so that we could see the whole family at Ma's house (great-grandma)

What a busy, but GREAT Christmas Day!!

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Gina said...

LOVE that playhouse! They both look so cute dressed in their jammies!