Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top Ten of 2010.

It's so easy to bitch and moan about everything that makes a person annoyed, sad, irritated or just plain pissed off....
It's never quite as easy to take a few minutes to say what makes you greatful, happy, loved, or just makes you smile. So, as a wrap up to 2010 I am going to make my top ten list of things that make me happy.

And...after you're done reading, if you haven't yet-- go check out my 2010 pictorial review...

10. My memories of 2010... we had some great family vacations, laughs and parties... those are the things that despite all the finances, arguments, stressors, that will go with me to 2011.

9. My BBM. Sounds silly, but, ooh without that I may have gone insane!!!!!! <3
8. My cats. Yes, I do love my kitties and its nice to have some one to cuddle with when people just don't cut it. :0)
7. My home. I complain that its not as big, or decorated as I'd like... and we rent, not own, but ya know what? It's a great townhouse, and I have a nice, warm, comfortable place that is for my family.

6. My health. I'm not fit, I'm not the greatest eater. But, really, I'm healthy and have that to be happy and thankful for.

5. My job. Times like these are tough. I am lucky to have a job - as stressful as it is sometimes - I have a job with some amazing co-workers-- and I get to work with such special children.

4. My friends. I have friends spread out around the area, and even in other states. No matter where we've met, how we became friends -- I thank you. You are in my life for a reason - big or small, and you've helped me somehow (in cases, MANY somehows!) *yes, even those that are part of #9 are included here!!!

3. My family. They are an amazing support system for us and our kids. There's a lot of you - but, thank you.

2. My Husband. Of course we fight, and argue, and have our stressors, but at the end of the day, I really would rather fight with him than any other person.

1. My Children. they make me smile, and laugh and make me feel more love than i thought was humanly possible.

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Karen, Tim & Jack said...

I love # 9,5,4! You were once an online message board friend, who became my stress outlet on a phone to IRL friend to coworker in a short time. You get me through some of my worst days as I hope I do for you too. You are calm when I am loud at work and who can forget the running man and how to shower dances at work and well our abuse of DJ;). I Dakota Fanning love you can can't wait for what 2011 brings for us as friends!! Xoxo