Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at Grammy's house (my mom) with Grammy, Grandpa Ted, Aunt Kelley,  Uncle Steve and our family of 4.  After a delicious dinner we exchanged presents with one another. Connor was so funny as he unwrapped, if he pulled some paper open and didn't see a toy right away he tossed the box aside to see what was in the next package! Paige really only cared about climbing on top of the tall boxes to see if she could make it up without help. When she did, she called to our attention to make sure we applauded! (Christmas Eve pictures to come)

On the way home both kids fell asleep -- Jason and I unloaded the loot and brought the kids inside. Of course they woke up, but were still half zombies so we hurried things along to get upstairs to bed. We made sure Connor laid out some cookies and milk for Santa and then went up to the kids room to listen to Daddy read Twas the Night Before Christmas (last year we started this as our family tradition).

I stayed in the kids room to see them off to sleep while Jason aka Santa set up the presents under the tree downstairs. Paige didn't take too long to fall back asleep, but poor Connor -- he was too excited. He tried so hard to fall asleep right away - he was so tired... but everytime his eyelids would get heavy he'd pop them back open and look at me with a gigantic smile. I'd whisper "It's ok, go to sleep....Christmas will be here when you wake up..."... but I think he was hoping it was NOW!!!!

He finally fell asleep and when I came downstairs I helped cover the "big items" with blankets because they were too large to wrap...and I may have helped Santa with the cookies too.

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Gina said...

Matthew had a tough time going to sleep last night as well. All that excitement! Can't wait to see more pics. Merry Christmas!!