Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bedtime- the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Bedtime... that had turned into a NASTY word around here...

Kids both started revolting against their bedrooms...we spent MONTHS sleeping on the living room floor/couch together. I couldn't even carry them up to their rooms because they KNEW the tricks we tried to pull on them and woke up screaming.

We needed to make a change... well, we have, slowly but surely made that change.

Last weekend we turned their cribs into toddler beds. I know Paige is young for it, but I figured if she has what Connor has we may have a little more success. Connor LOVES his bed -- in fact, he likes to jump up and down on it acting out "No More Monkeys jumping on the bed...." and, his sister is now a key player in this performance.

Of course bedtime didn't magically transition from the living room to the bed room - there's been crying, screaming, puking, and then the kids! Ok, just kidding - but Night #1 both kids screamed, cried, vomited and were so worked up it was making me rethink our plan (probably how we got into the living room rut in the first place). I've been sleeping IN their room, on the floor -- but Connor sleeps on his big boy bed! Paige, is still super traumatized by the idea of sleeping in her room we haven't yet gotten her on the bed -- but she sleeps on the floor in her room.

Since last Saturday they (Me too!) have been sleeping in their bedroom. They actually sleep much more soundly, rarely wake up during the night (which was happening 3-4x a night in the living room) and the instances of vomiting and crying have decreased nightly... In fact, Connor doesn't get upset at bedtime anymore -still Paige- but,we're working on it!

I plan on weaning myself out of their room this weekend... after they fall asleep I get up, go out throughout the house a little bit to see if Paige is ok with her separation issues... she seems to be doing so much better -- its amazing to think I could possibly be sleeping in my OWN bed quite soon!

And...I have to say -- bedtime is pretty enjoyable overall now. Sure, there are still some hiccups with crying and a slight puke here or there -- but when we're closed up in the bedroom I can really savor the moments we're reading books, singing songs or telling stories... I am not distracted by "life" surrounding me and I can watch Connor and Paige react as the Big Bad Wolf huffs and puffs... and as the "little one" makes everyone "Roll Over" in bed... It really turns into such a special moment, one I hadn't experienced with them, ever, since we lost our special bedtime so long ago...

Here's hoping the Good keeps getting better and the bad disappears altogether.


Gina said...

Good luck - you seem to be on the right path!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I think bedtime moments are some of the most special you can get. Hope you get in your own bed soon though.

Kayla said...

wow this sounds awesome! you are such a great mommy!