Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Greed.

Well, we had a fantabulous Thanksgiving... we went to my moms house where we spent the day with the whole family- was a wonderful time - hanging out, eating, playing games, laughing, just enjoying ourselves.

After the aunts, uncles and cousins left Jason and I were talking with my sister and bro in law about their plans for Black Friday shopping. Hmmm....I've never been shopping for Black Friday. So, J & I started scouring the flyers with my sis and BIL for the deals. OH! The Deals!

Did you know we NEEDED a new laptop for $200? WE needed a new TV? SOme new pots and pans? ALL THE deals!! WE NEED THAT!!!!! Granted -- our laptop is crap, a new TV is fun, and pots and pans are useful...but Thursday morning we didn't "NEED" them....

Well, J & I were able to reel ourselves in a bit and focused on just a few flyers...
Starting-- Toys R Us - let's focus on the kids first!

They had awesome "Doorbusters" starting 10pm on Thursday....
We looked at one another - Should we do it??? It was already about 8-8:30...

Well...we looked through, saw some deals and we went!
By the time we got ourselves together (kids stayed at my moms) and got to TRU it was 9:45 -- um, the line AROUND the parking lot was INSANE!
**this was the view from our spot in line after we'd moved up a bit already

We waited outside for about 1 hr 15 min - when we get inside there were people EVERYWHERE! It was truly overwhelming. We grabbed 2 things immediately that we knew we wanted and started to feel as if we were there without a point- we'd lost our focus in the commotion. We took a minute and discussed just leaving despite having waited outside for so long.

We decided lets give it another shot... After realizing that the line to check out literally wove up and down each aisle across the whole store we made a game plan! I got on line with the cart while Jason shopped for our items... he'd periodically come drop off the items to check in with me and then go back to battle the crowds....

**our cart....and yes, that's a huge playhouse on top of the cart -- please don't tell the kids!**
**yes, slightly overboard, but we only purchased the items that were 50% off so we TRULY saved a ton of money**

We finally made it through the masses to the register!! Phew! We left TRU at 1am!! What an excursion! I had fun though-- for what its worth. We saved major dollars in the madness...and had a different experience!

Fast forward to this morning...
My mom, my sister, Paige and I were up bright and early for some more shopping!!! We wanted to hit up Kohl's for the "early bird specials" they were offering... So, we got up and got to Kohls by 6 a.m.!! Yes...I did say 6 a.m.

There was NO ONE there! We practically had the whole store to ourselves. We shopped for my kids, we shopped for our spouses, we shopped for other relatives who we had to get  gifts for... heck, mom even told us to shop for ourselves and she'll wrap it for Christmas! 3 hours later we trudged our way to the registers. I dont' even know how we spent 3 hours there without feeling like we spent that long in there-- but we did.

Paige was such a good girl, snuck in a little nap, and caught the attention of all the employees!
**We let her run around for a few minutes before we loaded up the car, and I think she was trying to tell us she wanted to leave*

The Black Friday deals can certainly make you want and "need" things you didn't know you needed the end, the best part of it was the extra family time I squeezed into the weekend - both with my husband and with my mom and sister....and THAT is something I'm Thankful for.


Day 2 Day Living said...

I have never and probably will never brave the BF crowd. I can't stand crowds and have major anxiety attacks in them, so I'll stay home and do my shopping online.

Fire Wife said...

Wow. My mom & I go out every Black Friday, but we wait until around 10am. By then the crowds have mostly died down. You don't get as good of deals, but for me its more about a day with my mom anyway. I figure in a year or two FireGirl will be asking for the latest & greatest toy and I'll be dragging my butt out the door at 2am or such nonsense, so I guess I'll enjoy my sleeping in for now! Glad you had fun!